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"...don't tell him I told you, but I knew all along that's where Sam would be going. Anything dirty in Malta ran through that mansion."
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Kobin's Mansion is the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. After an enraged Sam Fisher interrogates and kills the local street level leader Dmitri Gramkos in the Merchant's Street Market regarding the death of his daughter, Sam learns that Andriy Kobin, a gun runner and smuggler operated in Malta, is responsible for his daughter's death and infiltrates his mansion to find answers.

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  • Find Sarah's killer.

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Sam Fisher walks towards Kobin's Mansion on the streets of Valletta, Malta.

Sam Fisher arrives down the street of Kobin's Mansion and parks his vehicle in an alleyway. He exits the vehicle and breaks the side mirror from the vehicle, enabling him to use it to look under doorways (an improvised gadget that momentarily replaces the optic cable). He exits the alleyway through a door as civilians fill the streets and fireworks light up the sky from a distance away.

Spotting the mansion, Sam begins to start his infiltration into the building. He makes his way towards the mansion and climbs into one of the open windows on the front side of the former museum. He goes through the foyer area and travels through the hallways eventually meeting a room full of crates and paintings. Lights turn on and guards begins searching for Sam as Kobin talks on the mansion's intercom system, taunting Fisher and cursing his daughter. Fisher makes his way towards the side area of the mansion and climbs a pole up to the top floor where Kobin had barricaded himself inside of along with a number of his hired thugs.


Fisher interrogates Andriy Kobin for information regarding his daughter's murder.

Fisher climbs through the outside windows again and deals with Kobin's mercenaries as first Sam neutralizes them one by one. Kobin, driven by fear of Fisher, shoots wildly in the air as he maniacally laughs to himself. Sam was able to take out all of Kobin's men and grab Kobin before he was able to do anything else. Sam interrogates Kobin into giving out information and learns that the sitution was "bigger than his daughter", revealing a larger plot at hand. Suddenly, Splinter Cell agents burst into the above skylight and tell Fisher to drop the gun and let Kobin go as Sam holds Kobin as a human shieldAnna Grímsdóttir, able to communicate to Sam through his earpiece, tells Sam to comply over with the Splinter Cells, and Sam does so right before being tranquilized by one of the Splinter Cell agents.

Dazed, a drugged Sam Fisher falls to his knees as the sounds around him begin to blur and his vision begins to fog up. Andriy Kobin, still with visible marks from Fisher's interrogation, decides to seize the opportunity while he can and kicks Fisher in the face. With a momentary blank face, Fisher slumps over on the ground, knocked out, and captured by the Splinter Cell agents as they transport him to the U.S.


  • Sam Fisher's 'Wanted' prison picture from Splinter Cell: Double Agent can be seen on the newspaper of one of the patrons sitting at a small table to the right of the door the player exits out of from the alleyway at the start of the level.
  • Archer's corpse can be found in a body bag near the entrance of the mansion in the foyer area. The guards stationary nearby can be heard talking about Archer and how the equipment is unusable because of the 'brain matter' on it (despite being killed out of uniform at the time of his death).
    • Kestrel is also mentioned by the guards. One of them says that he may have been a part of the KGB, when he is really affiliated with Voron.
  • This is the only level that the mirror appears in before being replaced by the returning optic cable connected to Sam's phone. Despite slight visual differences, the two devices work the same as each other.
  • This is one of only two levels that take place in Malta in the entire Splinter Cell series, with the previous mission being the other one.
  • The first weapon stash is encountered after leaving the foyer (the first large room in the mansion), the previous level, acting as a tutorial level, did not include any weapon stashes.
  • Kobin's Mansion from the early gameplay demos showed that the mansion was designed differently and differs quite differently (but still similar) to the final product.
    • Sam can be seen in the gameplay trailers with the slingpack on his back. In the final version, he doesn't have it equipped and it doesn't appear until the Washington Monument level.
  • Kobin refers to Grimsdottir as the "ice queen" during Sam's interrogation with him.
  • One of the Splinter Cell operatives uses an MK.23 modified to fire tranquilizer darts (which he uses to knock out Fisher). This modified MK.23 does not appear any more in the game, and is not available for the player to use.
    • This could be a reference to the Metal Gear Solid games, where a tranquilizer-modified MK.23 is used by the protagonists in the series to knock out enemies.
  • This is the first level in the game where traps can be used by the player, counting things like the chandelier where players can shoot it down to fall on enemy targets unfortunate enought to be standing under them.
  • While being on the back alley where Sam climbs the pipe to the window and drops the enemy down, a unique sound clip will play of rubbish dumping and a cat hissing.
  • The player is unable to shoot Kobin during the final section, but must grab him in order to proceed. Additionally, the room has to be cleared of enemy hostiles before the game allows the player to grab Kobin to finish the mission.
  • Scenes from Splinter Cell: Double Agent appear in projected video form when the player nears the final room where Kobin is inside. The 'video' will replay itself in a loop, showing Sarah Fisher, the car that 'hit' her, and her tomb stone.
  • Fisher's code name during this mission was "Panther", as named by the Splinter Cell operatives at the end of the level. The title 'Panther' became an official title of one of three playstyles that players could utilize in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • One of Kobin's guards compares Andriy Kobin to "Scarface", Tony Montana, after discussing with one of the other guards about Kobin's heavy drug use.



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