Kinshasa is a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo located in Central Africa that was an important location during ex-Splinter Cell Sam Fisher's JBA deep-cover operation in 2008, during the Red Mercury Plot.


JBA meetingEdit

Agent Sam Fisher was inserted in a weapons truck in the parking garage of the hotel. JBA leader Emile Dufraisne then leaves with Massoud to the meeting room. Hisham Hamza contacted Sam and requested him to record Emile's meeting. Sam slipped out of the parking garage and goes past the rebels through the kitchen and cafeteria to the hotel rooms where Sam ascends to the rooftops and down to the meeting room past the security systems. Sam placed a bug in the center table of the room, but shortly two rebels, Talkfir, Massoud and Emlie enter the room leaving Sam to hide on top of the lights. After the meeting they leave the room and Sam returns to the parking garage. There Emile ordered Sam to kill Hisham and Sam exits the parking garage. Fisher navigated the streets, preventing a rebel execution and saving civilians by the way. Upon reaching rebel camp, he gathered blueprints of the camp and ascended to the radio tower. Sam faked Hamza's death and escorted him out of Kinshasa.

Double Agent (Version 2)Edit

Select members of the JBA's leadership are journeying to Kinshasa to close a deal for the purchase of all the Red Mercury devices stolen in Iceland. Meanwhile Sam eavesdropped on the meeting between the three leaders.


Agent 1 & 2 are sent to investigate a chemical bunker on the outskirts of Kinshasa.

1. The Front

Information from another Splinter Cell indicates that a bunker on the outskirts of Kinshasa is being used by terrorists to develop a volatile weapon. Find and infiltrate this bunker.

Part 2: The Chemical Depot
Part 3: The Old Mine
Part 4: The Canyon


  • According to staff on Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, saving Hamza is the canonical choice.
  • During the mission, Sam mans a sniper rifle where he can kill Hisham, kill the attacking guard or let Hisham die. If Hisham dies the mission ends right away. Otherwise an explosion hits the tower and Sam goes through the wreckage to the palace where he finds Hamza and escorts him to safety. The mission then ends.
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