Katia Loenstern (1970-2006) was an Israeli American Krav Maga class instructor who taught self-defense lessons. She had taught Krav Maga classes, with Sam Fisher being one of her students that attended. Due to his dangerous line of work, and fear of placing her at risk, Fisher tried to avoid becoming too close to Katia, merely flirting at most.

After a while, however, the two became romantically involved and Katia was Fisher's girlfriend for a short time. After a coincidental meeting in Los Angeles, California, she is shot and killed by Yvan Putnik who was actually trying to kill Sam Fisher.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2005: Splinter Cell (novel)[edit | edit source]

Katia Loenstern taught Krav Maga classes during this time to a group of students, one of them being Sam Fisher. Although Fisher really liked Katia, he distanced himself because of his work as a Splinter Cell and didn't want to put her in any danger by getting romantically involved with her. Despite not wanting to get close to her, he eventually accepted her request to have coffee together after the Krav Maga lessons.

2006: Operation Barracuda[edit | edit source]

For Fisher's 49th birthday, Katia visits him at his house and prepares him breakfast for his birthday. This was their first intimate and sexual encounter, Fisher notes that it had been a long time since he had been in a relationship since Regan's death. During one encounter in Los Angeles, however, Katia was shot and killed by Yvan Putnik who was attempting to instead assassinate Sam Fisher.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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