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Kalinatek was a front company working for Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze and was based in Langley, Virginia during the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004.


The Kalinatek Offices was a building the Georgians covertly commandeered during the Georgian Information Crisis as a means to coordinate their information warfare campaign in the continental United States. The building was overseen by rogue Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze's Russian allies, who were serving with Vyacheslav Grinko. There, they had Nikoladze's computer technicians coordinate the attacks and keep track of political and technical data required to continue the campaign.

During the building's occupation, the Russians managed to tap directly into the mainframe of the Central Intelligence Agency's headquarters in Langley, having tapped into the PC of CIA analyst Mitchell Dougherty who had unknowingly fed the Russians intelligence on government operations countering the crisis through the classified data he had stored within. This leak was closely monitored through Kalinatek, greatly impeding America's defenses and infrastructure. Third Echelon however had become aware of this leak and elected to investigate the CIA. Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher tracked down Dougherty's PC from the inside and Anna Grímsdóttir subsequently traced the tap back to Kalinatek. Panic-stricken, the Russians activated a firewall that locked Grímsdóttir out of Kalinatek's servers. Realizing that federal authorities were on to them, the Russians immediately made preparations to destroy all evidence of their activities at Kalinatek.

By the time Fisher had arrived at Kalinatek, a massacre was precipitated in the building as the Russians began systematically murdering their own technicians in order to silence them. One of these technicians, known only as "Ivan" had managed to evade his assassins long enough to call 911 and pleaded for rescue to the police dispatch. Third Echelon intercepted this call and realizing that Ivan may have been in possession of data that could prove critical to the search for Nikoladze, ordered Fisher to meet Ivan face-to-face and retrieve his encryption key before the Russians could kill him.

Fisher infiltrated Kalinatek through the parking structure adjacent to the main office building across the street, using a nearby construction crane to carry himself over to the other side. All throughout, the Russians had completely ransacked the majority of Kalinatek's offices, destroying hundreds of documents and murdering any surviving programmers who attempted to flee the scene. Among the documents destroyed were files pertaining to "The Ark", who's true nature would elude Third Echelon for some time more. The Russians did however seek to obtain any encryption keys the technicians still had on them, for they were deemed too valuable to their terrorist activities. Explosives had also been planted throughout the building to ensure its complete destruction before the authorities could make anything of what they found.

Fisher fought his way through the building, killing and incapacitating the mercenaries who stood in his way as he made his way to the upper levels of the building, some of which were already engulfed in flames. Fisher eventually found two surviving programmers who were trapped behind series of Wall Mines that were placed by their attackers. They informed Fisher of the mercenaries' intent to blow up the building's gas lines, which would destroy much of the surviving structure. Fisher managed to disarm this device before this could happen however, and continued his search for Ivan. From one dying technician whom he aided in the building's infirmary, Fisher learned that Ivan was hiding on the fifth floor, and arrived just in time to find him held at gunpoint by one of the mercenaries in the washrooms. Fisher killed Ivan's captor and immediately demanded the key from him, leaving Ivan to wait for the FBI, who were en route to seize control of the building.

Fisher then proceeded to the top floor which was still under construction to await extraction by Osprey. Unfortunately, the Russians were all over, forcing Fisher to fight his way through them once more as he closed in on the rooftop. Upon arrival his runner Vernon Wilkes came under fire from the Russians as he came to retrieve Fisher, and after a shootout was mortally wounded by one of the mercenaries. Fisher immediately neutralized the attackers and extracted with Wilkes, who succumbed to his injuries a short time later.

In the following hours, the FBI seized control of Kalinatek's offices and apprehended the few surviving mercenaries who remained, presumably Ivan among them. An investigation was immediately launched into Kalinatek's activities as its role in the information crisis was disclosed to the public. All surviving traces of data were captured by the authorities and the mercenaries taken in for interrogations, which were reportedly "inconclusive". Kalinatek was likely rendered defunct afterward.

Layout Edit

Kalinatek was based in a building in Langley, Virginia. It stood at at least six stories tall, the top floor still being under construction during the events of the game. A few floors up, the entrance to the Kalinatek building was connected to a large parking garage that was attached by a small skywalk. The entrance was secured by a metal detector and security office protected by a keypad lock. The offices featured mostly wooden flooring with the offices starting in a separate area, complete with desks, shelves and computers used by the Georgian hackers to monitor a leak in the CIA. The offices span at least two floors, connected by both a staircase and an elevator. Space inside of the building varied between being considered tight, but there are numerous rooms and hallways with enough room to move around.


  • It seems Kalinatek posed as an internet startup company, as revealed by a data stick.
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