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"Fisher, your mission is a guy named Ivan."
Irving Lambert to Sam Fisher[src]

Kalinatek is the sixth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Third Echelon sends in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to infiltrate the Kalinatek building and obtain an encryption key carried by one of Kombayn Nikoladze's programmer mercenaries, Ivan.


Recover the encryption key.

Russian mercenaries have begun to destroy evidence of Georgian activities at Kalinatek. Before her detection in the network, Grímsdóttir discovered that a technician named 'Ivan' is hiding in the building. Ivan possesses an encryption key that could help Third Echelon find Nikoladze.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate Kalinatek.
  • Disarm the bomb planted in the Archives Room.
  • Restore power to the fire door circuit by accessing the fuse box behind the auditorium.
  • Access Kalinatek's fire emergency system to open the fire doors surrounding Ivan.
  • Find Ivan before the Russian Mafiosos kill him.
  • Take Ivan's encryption key. Leave Ivan behind for the FBI.
  • Rendezvous with the Osprey for extraction.

Notes Edit

  • Ivan is on the fifth floor.
  • The keypad code for the back door on floor 3 is 1250.
  • The keypad code for the archives department is 33575.
  • Security door keypad code is 97531.

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Mission OverviewEdit


Sam talks to Jr. Wilkes in the parking garage.

Third Echelon computer specialist Anna Grímsdóttir was able to hack into Kalinatek's mainframe through a PC at the CIA Headquarters where the information was being streamed. Panicked, Vyacheslav Grinko's mercenaries proceeded to destroy all evidence of their activities - this includes killing their own computer technicians in an effort to keep them from talking.


A technician runs away only to be gunned down by Grinko's mercenaries as they 'clean out' the Kalinatek offices.

Sam Fisher infiltrated the building from a parking deck on the opposite side of the street from the Kalinatek building. Irving Lambert explains to Sam that his mission "is a man named Ivan." Ivan is one of Nikoladze's computer technicians, and Fisher needed to find him before Grinko's men kill him. Fisher asks why they are killing their own men, to which Lambert explains that "it's all evidence." Fisher makes his way through the parking deck and up a flight of stairs to the upper level, both levels have Grinko's mercenaries patrolling them. After sneaking through, Fisher is able to navigate to the Kalinatek building by climbing around a crane stationed between the two buildings. Fisher gets to the top of the Kalinatek building and rappels down the side of walls, finally entering the building through a skylight set up that connects the parking deck to the Kalinatek building.


Grinko's mercenaries are notified of an intruder (Sam Fisher) that may be in the auditorium.

Fisher infiltrates the building and arrives to a broken elevator he's able to move through to the opposite side. As he enters into one of the office rooms, he finds two computer technicians trapped by two wall mines. Fisher disarms the wall mines and the technicians reveal to him that there is a bomb set up in the Archives Room. The bomb is set up on his level and is rigged to the gas pipes, meaning that it would extensively destroy much of the building. Fisher quickly navigates through the burning building and wall mines set up and eventually is able to defuse the bomb before it detonates.


Sam Fisher finally finds Ivan and talks Ivan into giving him the encryption key that he was carrying.

Sam eventually located and found Ivan, a computer technician whose data key provided crucial information on Nikoladze's plans as well as his possible location. After retrieving the data key, Fisher proceeded to head towards the extraction point located on the top of the Kalinatek building. He took the elevator to the top floor and discovered that the rooftop - which was still under construction - was covered with Grinko's mercenaries.


Jr. Wilkes is fatally wounded during a shootout with Grinko's mercenaries on the roof of the Kalinatek building.

Fisher made his way through the mercenaries and eventually made it to the location the Osprey was located. Vernon Wilkes, Jr. was waiting with the Osprey, trying to cover Fisher with his sidearm, however, during the gunfight Wilkes is shot and fatally wounded by gunfire from the Russain Mafiosos guarding the helipad. Fisher neutralized the mercenaries and climbed up to the helipad to the Osprey where he and Wilkes extracted. Wilkes, however, died on the Osprey from his wounds.

The FBI later seized the Kalinatek Offices and captured the few surviving mercenaries left alive at the building, and brought them in for interrogation. Later news reports indicated that the feds took full control of the Kalinatek Offices in it's efforts to uncover further evidence of Nikoladze's terrorist activities against the United States.

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The encryption key retrieved from Ivan allows Grímsdóttir to trace a data stream back to a nuclear power plant on the Kola Peninsula of Northern Russia, American Intelligence's first solid lead to the wherabouts of Kombayn Nikoladze.

The encryption key retrieved from Ivan allows Grímsdóttir to trace a data stream back to a nuclear power plant on the Kola Peninsula of Northern Russia, American Intelligence's first solid lead to the wherabouts of Kombayn Nikoladze. It also indicates that Nikoladze has fled to the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell that wall mines appear in, and the first time that wall mines appear in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series.
  • Upon completion, it is stated that the signal was traced to Kola in Northern Russian. However, on next mission, briefing states that signal was traced to Myanmar. This can be seen in Xbox version of the game.
  • The Ark is mentioned again in this level; the player learns that the mercenaries destroyed all evidence alluding to the Ark while listening in on their radio chatter.
  • If the player talks to Junior Wilkes before they leave the insertion point, Wilkes will tell Fisher to "be careful." Fisher replies by saying, "I've already got a mother, Wilkes."
  • In one of the offices in the Kalinatek building, there is a hoop and little basket balls that can be thrown by the player. The room is located in the small 'security station' before the metal detectors.
  • The metal detectors will activate if the player walks through them, alerting any nearby guards of the player's presence and cause extra guards to spawn in.
  • This is the third, and last, appearance that Vernon Wilkes Jr. makes in the Splinter Cell series.
  • The fish tanks in the Kalinatek building can be shot and the water will drain to the point of the bullet insertion into the tank. Any more shots into the glass will shatter it and the water will pour out on the sides - the fish will flap around until they disappear.
    • If enemies stand next to aquarium while the water has drained out, the player can sticky shock the water and take out multiple enemies at once. The water can be seen with sparking when shocked.
  • After the section where a cutscene triggers (showing a technician being killed by a mercenary), it is possible to knock out one of the mercenaries which will prompt the other to walk over to the wall mine (that was just activated) and take it off the wall. The wall mine may or may not explode, as the mercenary will take it off regardless.
  • In the area before the vent leading to Ivan, the player can hear some extra dialog by taking out the merc using the bathroom then go back to the other merc waiting for him. He will say "You took your sweet time" to Fisher. Game files suggest the merc that used the bathroom is meant to reply to that, however he never goes back to the other merc.
  • If Ivan is killed, Lambert will get mad at Fisher and a Mission Failure will occur. This will trigger regardless of if the player has retrieved the encryption key from Ivan or not.
    • However, after retrieving the encryption key, Fisher can knock Ivan out without so much as a word from Lambert.
  • This mission contains the highest wall mine count out of all the other levels in the game. Interesting enough, this is also the first level wall mines are introduced in.
  • The PS2 version features thunder and lightening during infiltration Kalinatek.
  • After the cutscene showing the death of Vernon Wilkes, Jr., it is possible to grab the ledge of the opsrey pad directly using a well-timed wall jump off of the right wall.