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"Just like you would have done it, Agent Fisher."
― John Hodge to Sam Fisher after killing a guard.[src]

John Hodge was a Third Echelon Splinter Cell who appeared in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). He was required to team up with veteran Splinter Cell Sam Fisher in the game's first mission, but he was killed due to his arrogance.


2007: Geothermal Plant Investigation[]

Hodge and Sam Fisher during their operation in Iceland.

On September 3rd, 2007, newly recruited Splinter Cell agent John Hodge was sent to a geothermal plant twenty kilometers from Akureyri in Northern Iceland with veteran Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to investigate the geothermal plant regarding suspicious terrorist activity. As the V-22 Osprey neared the icy waters near the geothermal plant, Fisher asked Hodge if he was afraid. Hodge stated no, and with a smug response, asked, "Should I be?" Fisher merely gave a grunt and then the doors in the back of the Osprey lowered. Without warning, Hodge quickly ran ahead of Fisher and jumped out, shouting, "Let me lead the way!" before plummeting in the cold waters below.

Sam believed he was too fresh and cocky to actually be on a real mission and asked Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert to pull Hodge out of the mission after finding out that the mission was getting too dangerous for him. Lambert refused, stating that they are already in too deep, and let the mission continue on. During the mission, Hodge broke from his assignment to enter the plant himself over Fisher and Lambert's protests. As Sam entered the launch facility through a disabled air vent, he watched as Hodge was confronted by an armed guard. Hodge then put his hands up in surrender, realizing that there was no way out alive because there were more guards cornering him nearby. The armed guard shot him several times, killing him. Lambert stated that, "He did not break", with Fisher replying that his death was totally avoidable.


John Hodge before his first mission with Sam Fisher.

John Hodge was an over-enthusiastic rookie Splinter Cell who was eager to impress Fisher. He went as far as leaping out of the Osprey before Fisher, shouting, "Let me lead the way!" to the dismay of Fisher. Despite seemingly being too much of a rookie to be on their current high-risk mission, Hodge showed quick movement when he took out the first guard at the open ice cap after swimming in from the water intake tube.


  • John Hodge only appears in Version 1 of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. In Version 2, Sam's partner in the first mission is Hisham Hamza.
  • John Hodge is the first Splinter Cell to ever canonically die in a Splinter Cell video game.
  • John Hodge was technically the last 'partner' Sam Fisher had in a mission before Splinter Cell: Blacklist, where Sam is partnered with Fourth Echelon operator Isaac Briggs in a variety of mission.

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