John Brown's Army
Other Name(s) JBA
Founder Emile Dufraisne
Leader Emile Dufraisne
Version 1 Abandoned Harbor, New York City, New York
Essentials and Version 2 Delta Atlantic Warehouse, New Orleans, Louisiana
Business Terrorism
Appearances E - DA1 - DA2

John Brown's Army, also known as the JBA, was an American terrorist organization created and led by Emile Dufraisne. Its primary members included Dufraisne himself, Carson Moss, Jamie Washington, Enrica Villablanca and Stanley Dayton. The JBA was based in New York City, New York.

Overview Edit

The JBA's primary goal was to radically change or destroy the United States government as Dufraisne labeled it as "corrupt and run by greed." He believed that the government had lost its promise to address the interests of the people, and believed that the only way to bring about reform to the country was to bring about a devastating strike against the nation to prove their point. To accomplish this goal, the JBA actively sought out the purchase and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, allying themselves with numerous terrorist organizations to ensure the success of their plans. In their quest, the JBA sprung up as a quite sophisticated organization - using information technology, secrecy and training, with capability to develop nuclear weapons and launch operations far outside American borders, as shown from their missions in Okhotsk, Shanghai and Kinshasa.

History Edit

2008: Red Mercury Plot Edit

Version 1 Edit

In 2008, Emile decided that in order to get his message across to the government, he would have to strike at the largest cities in the nation, New York City and Los Angeles. To do this, Emile acquired Red Mercury which was a nuclear material used to create a device the size of a briefcase. He planned to destroy New York City in an effort to show his beliefs, though how this would achieve his goals is unknown.

The JBA was penetrated by NSA agent Sam Fisher, who acted as a double agent. Sam was able to gain trust from the JBA by aiding Jamie Washington in his escape from Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary. When it came down to stopping the JBA from completing its goals, Fisher reluctantly shot his best friend Irving Lambert, who had been captured and tortured, to protect his cover and avoid the detonation of the Red Mercury bomb.

On 6 March 2008, a little before midnight, Fisher killed nearly all of the high-ranking members of the JBA, including Dufraisne, and managed to disable the Red Mercury device in the JBA's lab complex, less than 10 minutes before detonation. Moments later, the JBA's headquarters was stormed by members of the NYPD ESU teams that had been outside. They swarmed over all the levels of the compound, arresting the surviving members of the JBA, and secured the Red Mercury device, as well as the surrounding laboratory. Following the deaths of the JBA's leaders, armed resistance to the ESU raid was unlikely.

Carson Moss, the JBA's head of security and the only surviving high-ranking member, escaped with a second Red Mercury bomb and planned to detonate it in New York Harbor. Sam had escaped the JBA compound after stealing an NYPD ESU uniform and made his way aboard the stolen Coast Guard vessel that Moss was on. Sam was able to kill Moss and disable the bomb. He then escaped before the NYPD destroyed the vessel. This marked the end of the JBA, although members from the group began operating even 4 years after the end of the Red Mercury Plot during the Blacklist Attacks.

Version 2 Edit

Emile Dufraisne manages to get his hands on Red Mercury and plans on detonating five bombs of it within America. One is placed on the Okhotsk tanker to be taken to Los Angeles, another is placed on a chopper for Nashville, where the President is speaking, and the final three are for New York City. Irving Lambert is discovered by the JBA, and Sam is given the option of either strengthening his cover, or planting evidence that will lead to Lambert's death. In the latter case Carson Moss kills Lambert in New Orleans. While at the headquarters, Sam also has the option to either prevent the defusal of the Los Angeles and Nashville bombs or to disarm them before they leave. 

In New York, Emile plans to detonate the three remaining bombs. Fisher works his way through all top-ranking JBA members and the others, with the exception of Enrica, and disarms all three bombs before Enrica is killed by a Splinter Cell sent by Lawrence Williams. If the Los Angeles and Nashville bombs were disarmed, a final news broadcast announces a terrorist attack that failed. If one or both of the bombs go off, the broadcast will report them or whichever one went off.

Known Members Edit

Gone DarkEdit

  • Gone Dark

  • Leavenworth, Kansas
  • JBA Terror Legacy
  • Report ID 103.1

Grimsdottir: Terry Lee, a member of the domestic terror group John Brown's Army, went missing from Leavenworth prison. His last known address was a militia encampment called the Big Sky Freehold but that was years ago.

  • Gone Dark

  • Kalispell, Montana
  • JBA Terror Legacy
  • Report ID 103.2

Charlie: We parked a drone over the compound and spotted Lee picking up a package. He also made a phone call to an international number, most likely in Africa. A partial intercept of the call included the word "Mirabel". That mean anythiing to you?

  • Gone Dark

  • Mirabel Airport, Montreal
  • JBA Terror Legacy
  • Report ID 103.3

Briggs: Our people grabbed Lee outside Mirabel airport with a canister marked "red mercury". He admitted he was trying to sell it to an old JBA contact flying in from the Congo, part of a terror group called the Takfiri Mafia. He said they were desperate to get their hands on the stuff.

  • Gone Dark

  • Kinshasa, DRC
  • JBA Terror Legacy
  • Report ID 103.4

Briggs: We've confirmed a plane owned by the head of the Takfiri Mafia terror group was supposed to fly from Kinshasa to Montreal, but was grounded by mechanical problems. Grim wants to send Lee to Kinshasa as bait, but that risks losing the red mercury. What's your call, Sam?

(Trap: $15000) (Hold: $15000)

Hold - Mission Fail - Grimsdottir: We've sent Lee back to prison and confiscated the red mercury. The Takfiri Mafia went underground when they heard, and we don't know where they are or what their next move is. If they're still hunting red mercury, we could be hearing from them again.

Trap - Mission Success - Grimsdottir: Dangling Lee's red mercury in front of the Takfiri was too much for them to resist, and they walked right into an ambush. A dangerous terror group has been decapitated, and Lee's going back to jail.

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