Dr. John Baxter (also known as Special Agent Baxter) was a National Security Agency Interrogations Specialist who appeared in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.


2004: Georgian Information CrisisEdit

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Baxter sent with Vernon Wilkes, Jr. to the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in Langley to interrogate Information Retrieval Technician Mitchell Dougherty once Fisher had him in custody. They are chatted up by a security agent on the CIA grounds, though he is merely being friendly as NSA members are allowed on CIA properties.


Overheard from his conversation with the CIA security guard, Baxter prefers the use of barbiturates when interrogating his subjects: They reveal nothing from the subject during the interrogation, but it intoxicates them to the point where by the time they regain consciousness, they believe they have revealed everything they knew while under the effects, and instead confess everything when they have returned to consciousness.



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