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Jerusalem, Israel is the fourth solo campaign mission in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Taking place in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, Third Echelon sent in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to track down Norman Soth with the aid of Israeli intelligence.


Identify the Biological Agent

Third Echelon has linked Suhadi Sadono's 'Springfield Demonstration' to the black market purchase of an unknown biological agent. Rendez-vous with Israeli intelligence agent Dahlia Tal in order to infiltrate the Black Market.

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  • Retrieve your SC-20K
    • Retrieve your SC-20K in the grocery shop of Saul. Saul is your CIA Contact in Jerusalem.
  • Locate and question Dahlia Tal.
    • Locate Dahlia Tal near the Armenian Church.
  • Follow Dahlia to the Shoshana warehouse.
  • Infiltrate Shoshana storage.
  • Retrieve the ND133.
  • Reach the extraction point.

Notes Edit

  • Use of lethal force is not allowed.
  • Lethal attacks are not permitted.

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Mission OverviewEdit


Sam Fisher talks to Frances Coen before the start of the mission.

Sam Fisher infiltrates the Geula District Street Market by parachuting inside the street and was able to meet with Frances Coen. Since Jerusalem was placed under curfew, Fisher is informed that there should be very little civilian presence in the street but there are likely to be Israeli police officers patrolling the street to keep the peace. Fisher's first objective was to meet with an agency contact, a man named Saul Berkovitz, to retrieve his newly-modified SC-20K M.A.W.S.


Sam in Jerusalem.

After evading several Israeli police patrols, Fisher arrived at Saul's store front but discovered two men attempting to rob Saul. Fisher intervened and neutralized the two thieves, saving Saul. Fisher asked them who they were, to which Saul replies "thieves" - he then noted that they should not have been able to get past the police officers, suggesting that there must be something wrong with his security arrangements. Saul thanked Fisher, and tried to repay the debt by retrieving the SC-20K (which he hid in a secret compartment under some barrels). Saul moved over to a barrel turned on top of a trap door and pulled it up. He lifted up the trap door and the secret compartment contained the modified SC-20K and some gadgets for use with it. Fisher retrieves the weapon as Saul explains the new modifications to him, noting the shorter barrel and improved features to help maintain stealth and increase overall performance.[Notes 1]


Dahlia betrays Fisher as he steps into the elevator.

Fisher eventually leaves and heads towards his next contact, an operative of Shin Bet named Dahlia Tal who agreed to show Fisher where the location is where the ND133 was being prepared. In cooperation with Third Echelon, Dahlia Tal rendezvoused with Fisher by a church in Jerusalem. Dahlia explained that she knew where the terrorist underground research facility is and that she can lead Fisher there. Dahlia Tal walked through the streets while Fisher trailed behind, sticking to the shadows. On a few occasions, Dahlia had to deal with police officers who insisted that she go home because of the curfew that was in place; she knocked out one officer that was very insistent on escorting her home safely. The two eventually made it to the underground research facility containing the ND133. Dahlia lead Fisher to a lone elevator inside a building, and Fisher stepped inside. Fisher asked Dahlia if she'd like to come inside, to which she replied, "Not on your life," just as the elevator doors closed. Lambert suddenly contacted Fisher on his earpiece and ordered Fisher to quickly kill Dahlia before it's too late.[Notes 2]


Sam finds the ND133 and retrieves the mysterious sample.

Fisher then rides the elevator down to the lower undergrounds where he finds the French-Syrian terrorists guarding the facility. Fisher gets through the underground facility and finally uncovers the laboratory, finding the ND133 on a table in the center of the glass-panel room. It was found that the ND133 was already armed with a mysterious biological agent, Lambert told Fisher that it was important for him to bring back the sample so they could run tests on it. Fisher recovered the sample and took another elevator in the back of the facility up to the surface in a separate street area where he was able to make it to the extraction point.[Notes 3]

Debriefing Edit

Using devices stolen from Saulnier Cryogenics, (The ND133), Soth has made a Syrian-developed strain of the smallpox virus highly portable. Sadono is now in possession of an unknown number of easily concealed biological weapons.

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  1. If the player talks to Saul (after Lambert talks to Fisher), Saul will lead the player to a secluded area, not far from the shop, that the player can test the SC-20K M.A.W.S. at.
  2. The player has the choice to either kill Dahlia or spare her, by not killing her. If Fisher doesn't kill her, Lambert and D.P. Brunton will talk about why Lambert ordered Fisher to shoot her, but if she is killed, they never mention it for some reason.
  3. Whether the player killed Dahlia or not will determine who will be waiting back in this market area. If the player killed Dahlia, then Israeli police officers will be patrolling the area. If the player spared Dahlia, however, then she will be waiting in this area with a handful of snipers set up to ambush Fisher.


  • This is the second mission to feature a cutscene showing infiltration by air (by parachuting to the streets below).
  • At the beginning of the mission, Frances Coen claims Jerusalem is "the birthplace of Christianity, Judaism and Islam". This is not technically true, however Jerusalem is a holy city for all three Abrahamic religions.
  • Talking to Coen, it is implied that she is of Jewish background as her mother always wanted her to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Fisher replies by saying he'll grab her a postcard if he can.
  • A police officer can be lured into Saul's shop with the 'thieves', but the cop will act like the thieves are police officers as well (or at least treat them as 'friendly'). This may be an error in the AI.
    • It is possible for one of the thieves to grab Saul and use him as a human shield. If the player simply waits, he'll eventually knock Saul out and the mission will be failed.
  • When the player recovers the SC-20K M.A.W.S., Saul will offer to show Fisher an area where he can test out the weapon if they player talks to him again. The area is a secluded open space with a large railing across where the player can find a great view of Jerusalem.
    • In the far end of the space are some sticky shockers on the ground.
    • Sticky shocking the water that the guard stands in will knock him out.
  • Coen says Dahlia will be wearing a traditional white outfit, however only her head is covered in white. She is likely wearing a long brown coat over her outfit.
  • Dahlia Tal knocks out a police officer who insists that he escort her home to make sure she gets there safe, unless Fisher gets the man's attention first. She seems to perform a kick, and then a quick 'cower' animation.
  • In one room there is a family watching a television. On the screen there is a thank you message from one of the developers, "Reda", written in French, to the rest of the Splinter Cell team.
  • A sticky shocker, ring airfoil round and ammo can be found on the upper floors before entering the Shoshana warehouse.
  • Dahlia Tal can be spared by using non-lethal gadgets to knock her out; if she was spared, she appears in the final area. By using non-lethal gadgets, or even just sneaking by, it is possible for the player to spare her life in this final confrontation as well.
  • The PS2 features automated turrets in the Shoshana warehouse.
  • This mission has no datasticks to be found in satchels or computers .


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