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Jeremy Prentiss was an antagonist and one of Tom Reed's allies in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.


2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy[]

Prentiss was first seen at Price Airfield with Tom Reed, Anna Grímsdóttir, Major Shawn Robertson and a pilot named Oscar Laboy. After Reed kills Oscar, he talks to Prentiss and Robertson telling them get their mercenaries ready for battle and Prentiss, Robertson and Reed leave the airfield shortly afterward. Prentiss is later seen at White Box Laboratories with Robertson talking to three scientists. One of them is killed by Prentiss and Robertson after he lashes out at them. Prentiss left White Box with one of the other scientists and puts Robertson in charge of the forces there and headed to "site Bravo" to set up the EMP shortly after Sam entered the lab. He is next seen at the Michigan Ave. Reservoir threatening to kill the scientist he had taken hostage. Prentiss soon finds out that Fisher is in the room and flees the room leaving the scientist there with his men. At the second generator, Prentiss is in the attack helicopter with a pilot trying to gun Fisher down. Fisher gets to the generator and sends the GPS coordinates to Victor Coste, who shows up on another attack helicopter, fires a missile and destroys Prentiss' attack helicopter, killing him.


  • In the credits he is listed as "COL. JEREMY PRENTISS".
  • In the demo, Prentiss is first seen talking to Reed about Fisher's impending visit to Third Echelon and is later seen being killed via a shot to the head. These sequences were removed from the final game.
  • Just like Shawn Robertson, he is never encountered during the gameplay sections of Conviction, just through cutscenes.