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For the similar character in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2), see Jamie Washington (Version 2).

Jamie Washington is a character who appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). He appears as an inmate in a federal penitentiary in Kansas who Sam Fisher helps to escape, in order to infiltrate John Brown's Army.


Medical Record[]

Washington has a congenital heart condition which has resulted in his being outfitted with a pacemaker. The device was implanted during one of his stays in prison. Otherwise, he is a normal healthy adult male.[1]

Personal Info[]

Born in Bowling Green, KY, date unknown. A dedicated music fan, Washington was arrested numerous times as a juvenile, and then quickly assembled a long criminal record as an adult. He drifted into the JBA from a career of petty crime. Washington is an electronics expert, mainly self-taught. He tends to attach himself to stronger figures and give them his unquestioning loyalty. He also has a violent temper, which can manifest at any time.[1]


Jamie Washington's escape from prison has returned him to a position of prominence in the JBA. An electronics expert, he has been attached to the team finishing the red mercury devices. He also functions as a member of Emile Dufraisne's inner circle, and often acts to carry out Dufraisne's policy decisions personally.[1]

Red Mercury Plot[]

Jamie and Carson Moss seem to not get along very well, as Fisher sees when he is snooping around. In the end, Fisher will eventually either choose to shoot and kill Jamie instead of Lambert, or kill him later on, if you do not shoot Lambert straight away Jamie tells Fisher to shoot Lambert on the count of five or else he will shoot Fisher. When he reaches 3, however he flinches, saying "Don't make me do this." Fisher is forced to shoot Lambert, although he reveals that he is still alive when Jamie leaves the room. Fisher encounters him again in the basement where he is able to be interrogated. Fisher can either kill Jamie or knock him out, although knocking him out and equipping thermal vision reveals that Jamie's body temperature drops to that of the background temperature implying that he died anyway.


  • Unlike Version 2, Sam cannot use the OCP on Jamie's pacemaker in the last JBA HQ mission, due to Sam not being able to obtain his Five-seveN


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