Jakarta, Indonesia is the seventh solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must infiltrate the Television Free Indonesia broadcasting station located in Indonesia and capture Suhadi Sadono.

Briefing Edit

Now that the ND133 have been located, Sadono is open to attack.

Coordinated remotely with SHADOWNET's neutralization of the ND133, locate and capture Suhadi Sadono. CIA Operative Ingrid Karlthson is on site, undercover, and will assist in the mission.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate the TV station.
  • Recover Sadono Alive.
    • Sadono must be apprehended conscious.
    • Don't be detected by Sadano.
  • Trail Ingrid Karlthson to the entrance to Sadono's Stronghold.
  • Rendezvous with Ingrid on the roof.

Notes Edit

  • Turrets are sensitive to heat change.
  • Ingrid's death will result to mission failure.

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Mission OverviewEdit

After a fight against ARGUS, two Shadownet Spies are shown unlocking a crate that was being guarded by the ARGUS mercenaries. The Spies take out the container of ND133 and set it on the ground, carrying over a metal container. They place the container over the ND133 and take cover in the hallway area, detonating the explosive and destroying the container of ND133. One of the Spies gives a 'thumbs up' to Third Echelon operations coordinator Irving Lambert through a live feed of the operation. With the remaining ND133 device destroyed, Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher was granted the ability to take Suhadi Sadono into custody.


Sam infiltrates the TV Broadcasting Station.

Sam must infiltrate a highly secured area where mercenaries and guards surround the area. The only way to enter is through a sewer which leads to the broadcasting antennas where the Darah Dan Doa militants had placed land mines on the ground. Fisher was able to avoid the land mines (using his thermal vision function in his Multi-Vision Goggles) and sneaked past the front entrance, making his way up onto the broadcasting station's roof. During his infiltration, Lambert reveals to Fisher that CIA agent Ingrid Karlthson is being held by Sadono inside of the station, but she isn't just a 'hapless desk jockey' she claimed to be. It was revealed that she had been placed there by the CIA to remain close to Sadono until they could capture him. Fisher met up with Karlthson, who was being held in the studio by Sadono's men to translate something for him. After talking with Karlthson, she tells Fisher that she would be able to get him close to Sadono to grab him, and that there would be a chopper on the roof to take him into captivity.

One their way across the bridge section connecting the building with it's second half, Lambert is notified that Norman Soth had contacted Suhadi Sadono, blowing Karlthson's cover. Fisher had to protect Karlthson as she made her way across the bridge, covering her from the converging Darah Dan Doa that attempted to capture her. Karlthson is able to unlock the retinal scanner, allowing Fisher to make his way to the broadcasting room where Sadono was recording his speech. After infiltrating the room, Fisher was able to grab Sadono and take him to the roof, where he was able to give him to Karlthson as she had a helicopter ready for him. It is revealed the Norman Soth was on his way to LAX with other terrorists carrying the last of the ND133, Fisher had to stop him and put an end to the ND133 terror.

Debriefing Edit

Suhadi's capture essentially brings the crisis in Indonesia to a close. Shadownet teams neutralized all of the ND133, with one glaring exception. CIA-Trained Mercenary Norman Soth is somewhere in the US with the final remaining pox box.

Transcript Edit

Version 1 (Xbox/PC) Edit

  • During the infiltration section through near the broadcasting station Land mines are visible using Thermal Vision mode. In Xbox/PC Version Sam can shoot and destroyed the mines, but in PS2 version Sam can only get around of them. Also in PS2 version Sam can use one Frag Grenade to destroy the mines.
  • If Sam grabs Sadono before the broadcast begins, the enemies will not follow him, they may still fire blindly after the retainal scanner lock is forced open though.
  • Try not to be detected by Sadono before you grab him, as he can kill Sam in 1 shot.

Version 2 (PS2, GameCube) Edit

  • If you take a bottle and begin to deactived the wall mine, it will disappear. Also, the bottles disappear if they are thrown next to a wall mine (this is a bug).
  • During the conversation Ingrid Karlthson with the guerrilla between the retinal scanners you can quickly run to the last retinal scanner and interrogate the Ingrid when she is captured by guerrilla (some kind of bug).

Version 3 (Essentials) Edit

  • The version is completely identical to PS2 but Sam has a knife and pistol with Optically Channeled Potentiator. Turrets and cameras can be jammed with OCP.
  • Second part started at 21:58 (wrong timeline).
    • Part 1 – 21:43, Part 2 – 21:58, Part 3 – 22:13, Part 4 – 22:41, Part 5 – 22:59 to ~23:05.
  • Enemies are reduced in number.
  • Some rooms are missed.
  • Mines can't be destroyed by firearm, can be detonated by grenade though.
  • A wall mine can be defused and used by Sam.


  • This level is unique for its "lightning" mechanic that gives player's location away and blinds NVG users every few moments, the same feature is found in the Essentials version of the level. The lightning only affects the player in the first 1/3 part of the mission, however.
  • Before the driveway to the front TV station the fence to the underground car park can be scaled above the barbed wires. (bug)
  • In this level, Sam has the Camera Jammer in his inventory, since the cameras are bulletproof, this is the only means to split through them.
  • In the minefield area (where a sniper is guarding the antennae tower), the player has two ways to pass; the player can use thermal vision to detect the mines first. Going left (clockwise), it is possible to use a Frag Grenade to blow up the land mines. Going right (counter-clockwise), the mines are more dispersed, allowing the player to navigate through them.
    • Additionally, the player can jump over the mines on the left side if jumped over them just right.
  • Some of the broadcasting televisions show Suhadi Sadono wearing his hat, while other videos show him not wearing his beret. When the player finally gets to him, however, he is seen wearing his beret.
  • Ingrid hints the next mission from the words Sadono refers to, Angel's X which is Los Angeles airport LAX.
  • The recording of Sadono's speech was to be distributed on May 1st, 2006


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