"You goddamned Americans, always playing cowboy!"
― Jadid Haidos to Sam Fisher

Jadid Haidos is a former MI6 agent who was an active member within the terrorist organization, The Engineers, in 2013 during the Blacklist Attacks.

Biography Edit


Before 2013, Jadid Haidos worked as a MI6 agent for an undisclosed period of time. He became disillusioned when his superiors passed him over for promotion, thus pushed him into becoming a full member of The Engineers. He was later burned and went rogue.

2013: Blacklist AttacksEdit

Jadid purchased weapons from Andriy Kobin to be used for Blacklist Zero, however, Kobin turned himself in to the CIA for protection against The Engineers. Fourth Echelon agent Sam Fisher was able to track the deal to Mirawa, Iraq, where Fisher was able to locate and confront Jadid. Fisher interrogated Jadid for information, to which Jadid attempted to fool Fisher by claiming to be MI6 working deep undercover. Fisher held him still and scanned his face, but Anna Grímsdóttir confirms that he was burned and has gone rogue. Haidos was shot in the head (either by committing suicide or by Fisher) after revealing that The Engineers were ahead of simply planning.

Trivia Edit

  • The player has a choice to either kill or not kill Jadid after they have finished interrogating him. Even if he is 'spared', Jadid will still commit suicide using Fisher's gun.
  • As an MI6 agent, his activation key was 757BV9O98.
  • He played a greater role in the E3 gameplay trailer, but the sequence was cut from the final game.
  • In the SMI database, he is listed as "Karim Jadid."
  • Since they were both MI6 agents, Majid Sadiq and Haidos may have known each other before the events of The Blacklist.

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