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JBA Headquarters - Part 3 is the eighth solo campaign in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher is given orders by JBA boss Emile Dufraisne to decrypt an important email, and the JBA members gather to see the Red Mercury bomb test detonate.

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(Note: The JBA Headquarters levels in Splinter Cell: Double Agent are rather non-linear, as the player can complete objectives when they want to and in what order they want to (in the allotted time given). This means that events may not happen in the order described here.)


Emile instructs Fisher to hack the encrypted email.

Sam Fisher meets Emile Dufraisne in the office room and states that he needs Fisher to decrypt the email as the information in the email is of the utmost importance regarding future operations. Emile leaves the room as Fisher immediately starts on the email and soon is able to decrypt it and access the email. Fisher must now get visual evidence of the Red Mercury bomb device, but first he must scan a set of fingerprints to get into the high-security areas in the compound. Fisher finds a set and scans it, allowing him to hold up the print to the scanner and access the high-security restricted areas. Fisher makes his way through the area and soon finds a room with computers set around it. Fisher activates one of the computers set up and finds visual proof of the bomb, completing his primary objective for the NSA.


Fisher frames Enrica, causing Emile to shoot and kill her with his 92FS after the Red Mercury bomb failed to detonate.

After Fisher sneaks out of the area, he heads back to the officer room and Emile soon arrives. Emile saw that Fisher had decrypted the email and began reading over it. Emile then tells Fisher to follow him back to the main room to watch the Red Mercury bomb's detonation on the cruise ship. All the JBA members gather in front of the television screen as it displays a live satellite feed of the cruise ship. Fisher is able to disarm the bomb, and when the countdown reaches zero and the ship doesn't explode, Emile becomes enraged. Enrica tries to tell him the truth, that she doesn't know what happened, but Emile pulls out his sidearm and shoots her in the head, killing her instantly. Emile, still angry, tells Fisher to prepare himself for the mission in Kinshasa.

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  • It is canon for Enrica to be shot and killed by Emile at this part. This happens when Sam disarms the bomb, whether or not he does so using Enrica's code. However, if the player has less than 1/3 of JBA trust and disarms the bomb without Enrica's code, Emile shoots both Sam and Enrica. The default choice in the game (if the player does nothing) is to let the bomb go off, in which case the JBA celebrates victory and everyone walks out alive; however, if the player had less than 1/3 of NSA trust before the choice, Lambert pulls the plug on the operation.[1]

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