Were you looking for the level of the same name in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1)?

Were you looking for the JBA Headquarters, the setting this level takes place?


  • Secret codes it is possible to learn only manually in PS2/Wii/GameCube versions.
  • Even if you try to lure opponents they will not pass through these doors, and stunning enemies in different sectors will not force their friends to try to lift and push them.
  • The first door with secret code in bunker from Alley –> Bunker Entrance – 8956.
  • The second door with secret code in bunker from Surveillance Room –> Fallout Shelter Laboratory (near the Red Mercury room) – 6689.
  • The second door with secret code in bunker from Fallout Shelter Laboratory –> Surveillance Room (near the Red Mercury room) – 7433.
    • Some kind of bug with second door. It's has two codes – front and behind. There was no way to recognize both codes at the same time, this door opens only once.
  • Red Mercury Room [Xbox only] – 1429.
  • Red Mercury Container [Xbox only] – 127.
  • Even though you are only given non lethal equipment, you can still kill guards by dropping their bodies from the roof of the warehouse. Doing this with Moss, however, will fail the mission as Williams will contact Sam to abort the operation.


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