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JBA Headquarters - Part 2 is the sixth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher must sneak into JBA leader Emile Dufraisne's office and scan his Red Mercury device blueprints, Fisher must also retain his cover by assembling ten explosive mines for a future JBA mission.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • NSA: Scan blueprints in Emile's safe - The blueprints for the red mercury device are most likely located in Emile's office. Break in and find those blueprints, then scan them in for transmission. That will give us a good idea of the capabilities of the device he's building (unlocks Sonic Grenade - Attachment).
  • NSA: Record voice to access locks - In order to access Emile's office you will need to pass through one of the voice security locks in the compound. It will be necessary to use the laser mic to record a voice from one of the main JBA members to pass through the security lock and reach Emile's office.
  • JBA: Assemble mines for Kinshasa - Use the micro-manipulators in the workshop area of the compound to assemble the mines that you'll be taking to Kinshasa as weapons shipment (unlocks Hacking Device - Force Hack Upgrade).

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Complete training course - Practice your skill at safecracking in the JBA's training area. The skill will no doubt come in handy, both for the JBA and your true mission. To reach the practice safe, you will need to cross the obstacle course successfull (sic). The course is comprised of various challenges. Failing at one challenge will prevent you from continuing, and you will have to backtrack in order to restart.
  • JBA: Practice at firing range - Improve your skill with firearms on the JBA's firing range.  
  • JBA: Dispose of the pilot's body - The pilot from your trip to Shanghai didn't make it. You can dispose of his body by moving it from the infirmary down to the furnace. Doing so will please Enrica, not to mention making things smell a little better around the compound.

Profile Objectives Edit

  • NSA: Get JBA member medical files (-/5) - To complete the agency files on the core of the JBA, you're going to need to access their medical profiles and pass that information along. The more we know about them, the better prepared we are to stop them.
  • NSA: Search quarters for personal info (-/4) - In order to complete the NSA dossiers on the various core members of the JBA, we need you to search their belongings for clues into their personality and habits. With this data, the NSA can create a more accurate prediction model for their behavior - and how to stop them.
  • NSA: Get professional background info (-/3) - In order to complete the NSA dossiers on the various core members of the JBA, we need you to get professional background data on the group. Uploading this information will tell us the JBA member's role in the organization which will help us create a more accurate prediction model of what they might do next - and will help us plan to stop it.
  • NSA: Get JBA member voice samples (-/6) - The JBA uses voice ID locks on sensitive areas of the compound. To get past them, you'll need to record the voices of the group's core members - the only ones certain to be cleared for all areas. You'll also help complete the profiles the NSA is compiling on the members of the JBA.

Data Edit

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Mission Overview Edit

(Note: The JBA Headquarters levels in Splinter Cell: Double Agent are rather non-linear, as the player can complete objectives when they want to and in what order they want to (in the allotted time given). This means that events may not happen in the order described here.)


Enrica talks to Fisher.

Sam Fisher meets Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert in the back alley behind the JBA Headquarters and exchanges equipment. After the exchange, Fisher had to slip back out of the restricted area. Fisher leaves the area and meets Enrica Villablanca, who was looking for Fisher anyway. She told him to follow her and the two stopped by the medical lab. Enrica told Fisher that the pilot (from Shanghai) didn't make it, and to take the body down to the furnace area to be disposed of. Fisher followed Enrica to the mine assembly area where she told Fisher that he needs to assemble ten mines for an upcoming operation the JBA will have in Kinshasa. Enrica then leaves, and Fisher assembles the mines as he was told. Fisher was able to record key JBA member voice samples as he'll need to bypass the voice-print locks that secure the upper restricted areas of the compound.


Fisher checks the safe and scans the blueprints.

Fisher was able to play the audio sample at the voice-print lock and sneak into the restricted area leading towards to Emile Dufraisne's office. By slipping past the guard patrols and utilizing his covert abilities, Fisher sneaks into the office and searches it for the blueprints. Sam is able to locate it. However, he hears Emile talking to Jamie Washington, and takes the moment to conceal himself. After the two depart, Fisher quickly gathers whatever information he needs and then heads out of the restricted area. Fisher heads back to the mining assembly machine and meets with Enrica.

Trivia Edit

  • At the start of the mission, when Lambert meets with Sam, he is driving a 2007 Chrysler 300C. This was the promotion vehicle during the release of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
  • The pilot from the previous mission in Shanghai died of a heart attack because of an overdose from his medication.
  • Cole Yeager's body is down by the furnace, his corpse still looks fresh despite being dead for 20 days.
  • Kinshasa is referenced, and this is a future mission that will take place in the game. The player has to make mines for the mission, as revealed by Enrica at the near start of the mission.
  • Sam can get some details on his next mission by overhearing a conversation between Emile and Enrica and by reading Emile's mail in his office.
  • A gaming magazine with "Splinter Cell" on the cover can be seen in Jamie and Dayton's quarters.
  • After the primary objectives are finished, the player can choose to meet Enrica at her quarters instead of the mine assembly area to trigger a different ending. In the next mission, Lambert makes a reference to this scene regardless of which ending was actually chosen.
  • If Sam does not dispose of the pilot's body, the ending of this mission changes. When Sam opens the door leading out of Enrica's quarters, she will not be there, and thus the ending with Sam seducing her will not happen. She will instead page Sam to report to the Mine Assembly Area when the mission time is up.
  • Getting under the van that is on the outside area causes a bug that allows you to see through the van. (PS3)
  • There is a bug in some PC versions of the game that prevents the player from opening a door to Emile's quarters (and thus collecting his personal profile info). It is still possible to get in by tailgating Emile as he retires to sleep. Getting out is trickier and involves leading Emile to investigate the door, then alerting Emile to Sam's presence and letting him escort Sam out. If the player wants 100% mission rating, don't even bother trying to enter, visit Emile's quarter in part 3, which is actually easier than part 2.
    • Because the player can spend a lot of time in part 2, its not necessary to complete all the objectives in one go, missed files or sample can be collected in part 3 and part 4. These objectives are for story and gain NSA trust, its highly recommended that player complete JBA objectives first, as failing them will lead to JBA trust loss, potentially causing mission failure.
  • In the Xbox 360 and PC versions, Fisher has to sneak back to the garage through a restricted area after meeting Lambert at the start, however, in the PS3 version, Fisher ends up in the garage without having to do any sneaking.


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