Were you looking for the level of the same name in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1)?

Were you looking for the JBA Headquarters, the setting this level takes place?

JBA Headquarters - Part 1 is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2). Sam Fisher, working as a double agent, infiltrates John Brown's Army and must complete objectives for Third Echelon as he works undercover in the JBA Headquarters.

Mission Information Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Adjust four fuse boxes
  • Echelon: Access JBA's server
  • Echelon: Return to public area
  • Echelon: Get access to computer (The goal periodically arises throughout the game with the loss of complete trust of one of the sides)
  • JBA: Message for Emile (The goal periodically arises throughout the game with the loss of complete trust of one of the sides)

Opposing Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Send information to Lambert about Cole Yeagher
  • JBA: Send information to Emile about Cole Yeagher

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Scan Enrica's fingerprints
  • JBA: Plant false cover information

Mission Overview Edit

Sam Fisher was accepted into John Brown's Army after he helped Jamie Washington escape from Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary and return to the JBA's headquarters. After being accommodated, Fisher is able to enter into the JBA's restricted area and contact Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert. Lambert tells Fisher that his primary objective is to adjust four fuse boxes (located on the roof, near the entrance, on the docks, and in the warehouse) so the NSA can gather intelligence and keep tabs on what is happening inside.

After Fisher completed this, Lambert asked Fisher to access the server on the second floor to send a link to Fort Meade. This server also contained an email from Cole Yeagher to Massoud Ibn Yussif, which confirms that Yeagher betrayed the JBA. Fisher can either send this letter to the JBA leader Emile Dufraisne, resulting in Yeagher's death, or to send the email to Third Echelon, allowing them to pick up Yeagher for interrogation. Fisher's opportunity objectives included scanning Enrica Villablanca's fingerprints for the NSA and accessing Carson Moss' computer to prop up Fisher's cover for the JBA.

Trivia Edit

  • At JBA headquarters, Sam acts as on a real mission: he can stun and interrogate all terrorists. He also can force to surrender by terrorists. And he gets a launcher "SC-303", which shoots non-lethal cartridges.
  • The SC-303 Compact Launcher first appears in this mission, and is only appears in the two JBA HQ missions.
  • Carson Moss appears in this level patrolling around the warehouse section and can be knocked out or bypassed. He reacts the same as the normal JBA guards that patrol the level. He can also be interrogated.
  • An email from a computer in the warehouse indicates that they have located an entrance going to the underneath the JBA HQ. Which is later, used by Sam in the JBA HQ Part 2 mission.
  • A few tips in the form of training inserts use a part of the level that is missing in the version for PS2.
  • Emile Dufraisne fingerprints can be scanned where his room is located; on his computer keyboard and around her room.
  • Enrica's fingerprints can be scanned where her room is located; on her computer keyboard and around her room.
  • Billy Joe Sykes fingerprints can be scanned in Enrica's room on the table.
  • Jamie Washington fingerprints can located on a garbage bag, close to where the player first begins the mission.
  • Carson Moss fingerprints can't be scanned in PS2 version where his room is located.
  • If Sam saved Barnham in the previous mission, he will receive more gear from Lambert at the start of the mission.
  • Even though you are only given non lethal equipment, you can still kill guards by dropping their bodies from the roof of the warehouse. Doing this with Moss, however, will fail the mission as Lambert will contact Sam to abort the operation.


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