Ivan was a technician working for Kombayn Nikoladze for the Georgian front company "Kalinatek" during the Georgian Information Crisis.


2004: Georgian Information CrisisEdit

Third Echelon computer specialist Anna Grímsdóttir hacked into Kalinatek's mainframe, but was discovered by someone at Kalinatek. The Russian mercenaries began to destroy the evidence, including killing all the technicians in Kalinatek. After triggering a fire alarm, Ivan was able to run into a bathroom and hide in one of the stalls. He was safe because the mercenaries couldn't get through the fire doors, but was soon discovered by a mercenary. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher was able to take care of the mercenary and, after an exchange, Ivan gave Fisher his encryption key.

It is unknown what happened to Ivan, but he was likely taken into custody by FBI agents who secured the Kalinatek building after Fisher exfiltrated.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Tom Clancy's Splinter CellEdit


  • Once Sam climbs through the vent where Ivan is, the mercenary tells Ivan to give him the key. Ivan doesn't comply, prompting the mercenary to count down from 5. He'll shoot Ivan unless the player intervenes.


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