Ingrid Karlthson is a field operations officer (or case officer) for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who is well educated in foreign languages. She was assigned to the U.S. Embassy to East Timor, where she assisted Sam Fisher on several missions throughout Indonesia during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006. Karlthson acted as Sam's contact in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Relevant historyEdit

01/06/01- Runs Operation Red Grass in Quezon City, the Philipines.

02/05/02- Assigned to the U.S. embassy to East Timor in Dili.

13/11/02- Establishes Citra Nugroho as a CIA asset.

28/04/03- Establishes Azrul Arifin as a CIA asset.

26/10/05- Drops Arifin, continues to run asset Nugroho.

28/03/06- Taken hostage by Suhadi Sadono from the Dili Embassy.

Looks like a pretty standard CIA desk monkey, with the exception of an incredible knack for languages. Security footage from the embassy shows her remarkably cool under fire. It looks like Sadono has separated her from the other hostages.

I knew there was a reason I liked her. The linguistic skills are a plus, but she's mostly proved worthy running assets and operations. Old school Agency spook, don't mess with Ingrid Karlthson.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

Indonesian CrisisEdit

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In March 2006, Ingrid Karlthson met Sam Fisher at the U.S. Embassy to Dili in East Timor after he receives an intercepted e-mail by mortified_penguin from Douglas Shetland. After getting the encrypted message and sending it to Anna Grímsdóttir, the message was decrypted, only to find that the message was written in Timorese Mambe (except four English words), and a translator was needed.

After learning that Karlthson had expertise in translation, Fisher searched through the embassy to find her. Fisher needed to sneak past a lone guard wearing night-vision goggles, and Lambert told him he had to stay in the searchlight to remain undetected. After this was accomplished, Fisher disarmed the guard and talked to Karlthson. She readily translated the call and found that it contained the coordinates to Saulnier Cryogenics in Paris, and that the ingredients for the "Springfield Demonstration" were soon to be acquired. It also made a reference to REDBEARD, later found to be an operation conducted by the CIA in Indonesia. Upon acquiring this data, Fisher left Karlthson, who insisted that she would be able to handle the situation herself even without Fisher's protection.

Karlthson was taken hostage by Suhadi Sadono and the Darah Dan Doa at the embassy, and when the embassy was recaptured by the Delta Force, Ingrid was the only hostage unaccounted for. Sadono had taken in Ingrid to serve as a translator and bargaining chip in his dealings against the United States. During this time, the two grew to respect each other and Sadono treated Ingrid humanely, but Ingrid's respect was only mutual and she knew the danger he posed.

After sabotaging Sadono's plans for further terrorist attacks on American soil, Fisher was sent to Jakarta to capture Sadono, who had taken control of a local TV station. Ingrid was on site, and was to assist Fisher in his capture of Sadono. During the mission, Third Echelon learned that Ingrid was at the U.S. Embassy not by coincidence, but in an attempt to track down Norman Soth, a rogue CIA agent who evidently had ties to Sadono. He had gone so deep undercover that the CIA no longer knew if he was a loyal asset or not.

Fisher eventually found Karlthson, who was surprised to be teaming up with him again. She revealed that because Sadono could not resist a woman, she had full access to the station's restricted offices and could move about freely in the complex. Fisher trailed her as she led him to the studio where Sadono was taping his latest video for the U.S. At the sky bridge, Ingrid ran into a large number of guards, who assaulted her when Soth informed Sadono that Karlthson was an undercover CIA agent. Fisher swiftly killed the guards before any harm could come to her. She then gave Fisher access to the studio, where he proceeded to capture Sadono.

Karlthson met Fisher on the rooftop with an unconscious Sadono in his grasp. Ingrid had managed to secure a CIA helicopter to transport them out of Jakarta. She thanked Fisher for his help and said that she hoped they could work together again in the future.


  • She may be an acquaintance of rogue CIA agent Norman Soth, who she feared would blow her cover.

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