Infiltration is a Deniable Ops game mode featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Players must eliminate all enemies without being detected while avoiding security devices placed in the map.

Overview Edit

Infiltration mode is very similar to Hunter mode but features the addition of security cameras and lasers that the player must avoid as they eliminate enemies on the map. It emphasises stealth as doing basically anything that would cause reinforcements to be summoned in Hunter mode will immediately fail the game in Infiltration mode.

Strategies Edit

  • This mode favours stealth the most as any loud sound will cause an instant Mission Over (even if you've eliminated all the enemies in the current zone). For this reason, unsuppressed weapons and most gadgets are pointless.
  • Surprisingly, enemies are allowed to become suspicious and start searching for the player (e.g. after detecting a disturbance such as a destroyed camera or dead body) without the mission failing. This will usually make the game more difficult, however, so it is best to avoid causing suspicion.
  • Grab enemies as human shields and move them to a dark, out-of-the-way place before killing them to effectively hide them from detection.
  • Unlike the first part of the Third Echelon HQ mission in story mode, you can shoot cameras without instantly failing the mission. This can, however, cause nearby enemies to investigate the disturbance. You can use this as a strategy to lure an enemy to you before killing him, which will complete one of the "Splinter Cell" P.E.C. challenges. If you don't kill the enemy in time, however, he will alert his comrades to the disturbance and they will begin searching for you.
    • Security lasers cannot be disabled.
  • If a security camera sees a dead body it will alert enemies to the disturbance but won't cause an instant Game Over.
    • Quickly shooting the camera may prevent enemies investigating, unless they are near enough to notice the camera being shot.
  • Touching a security laser will trigger an explosion; this may or may not kill the player but will cause an instant Mission Over regardless.
    • Enemies are authorised to pass through security lasers; grabbing one as a human shield will allow you to as well.
  • Be careful when using Mark and Execute; the speed with which you execute enemies varies depending on their locations relative to you (a group bunched together will be killed very quickly). If you cannot execute a group of enemies quickly enough they may detect you and if any one of them can fire a single shot, the mission's over.

Trivia Edit

  • This mode is unlocked through Uplay.
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