"Money is like alcohol. It's good to have enough, but its not target."
― Kasperov, charming reporters

Igor Kasperov is the billionaire owner of an anti-virus software company, Kasperov Labs. At sixteen, he was accepted into the Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications, and Computer Science. He was commissioned as an intelligence officer in the Soviet Army. In 1989, he was inspired to stop the flood of viruses.

He sent his critics cases of vodka. Forbes reported sales increased 174% between 2009-2012, totaling 5.5 million users a year. He took great pleasure in his business, which employed hundreds of engineers and designers. He gave them free reign.

He drank daily glasses of vodka and dated an American supermodel. His first wife was deceased, and he doted on his daughter Nadia. He went on safaris and collected artifacts from around the world, and once posed for a picture with President Patricia Caldwell.

After his associate "Chern" asked him to deploy the "Calamity Jane" computer virus, he shut down his company and fled to Peru. Kasperov was a philanthropist, and he hid at a mine he had planned on giving money to. There he was found by Fourth Echelon and told them everything they needed to know in regards to a plot by Russian oligarchs to discredit President Treskayev.


  • His company name is an obvious reference to the real life anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab.


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