Hunter is a Deniable Ops game mode featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. In Hunter, the player is tasked with eliminating all enemies in the area before moving on to another area in the map, each 'area' splitting the map into different zones. In each progressive zone, enemies will be better armed and armoured.

Overview Edit

The main goal of the Hunter game mode is to eliminate all other enemies in the area before moving on to the next. An indicator on the screen lets the player known just how many enemies are left, but if the player is detected (an enemy fires a round) then reinforcements will be called in, making it more difficult. Once the area is clear, the player can then move on to the next area and stock up on ammunition and gadgets using a Weapon Stash. The mission will only be failed if the player dies, so this can be considered the easiest game mode in Deniable Ops.

Strategies Edit

  • This mode favours stealth; while the player can go loud and engage the enemy in open combat, the player will receive a bonus for remaining undetected as they take out enemies.
  • Make use of the Sonar Goggles, the sonar vision mode will outline enemies easier than the naked eye, and as long as enemies can be seen, the player can Mark them to keep track of them.
  • Avoid setting off explosions or causing very loud sounds, this can trigger an alert and cause reinforcements to be called to the current zone.
  • If an enemy detects a dead body or any other kind of disturbance, e.g. a light shot out, and is not killed in time, they will alert their comrades and begin searching for the player (but won't call in reinforcements). This will usually make things harder, but can make it easier in some situations.
  • Turrets can be encountered in some levels. They can be controlled at nearby terminals but firing them will cause reinforcements to be called in, so it is better to use the terminals to simply deactivate the turret. This will not cause enemies to become suspicious.

Trivia Edit

  • Kobin Missions in Splinter Cell: Blacklist closely resemble Hunter missions in Deniable Ops, however, the player is able to knock out enemies instead of killing them.
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