"Hokkaido? Isn't that basically the Alaska of Japan?"
Sam Fisher to Irving Lambert

Hokkaido is one of the four major islands of Japan. It is the northernmost of these islands and the second largest, and is home to at least five million people. It's capital is the city of Sapporo.

Overview Edit

2007: Cyber Attacks of 2007 Edit

Hokkaido, like the rest of Japan, was severely affected by the blackouts of July, 2007, having lost total power as the result of information warfare attacks. Shortly after the blackouts ended, Third Echelon sent Splinter Cell Sam Fisher to Sapporo to continue his search for Abrahim Zherkezhi, a brilliant computational theorist who was believed to have launched the information warfare attacks on behalf of the engineers of the growing crisis in Far East Asia. Zherkezhi had been moved by American PMC Displace International to a retreat in Hokkaido, and Fisher was ordered to learn why.

During his stay in Sapporo, Fisher witnessed the sinking of the USS Clarence E. Walsh on international television during the vessel's July 4th celebrations. The missile that sank the vessel was from North Korea, but it was believed that the missile had been force-launched by the conspirators. In the wake of this political disaster, Fisher was sent to the retreat to retrieve Zherkezhi.


Sam infiltrating the retreat.

Sam Fisher infiltrated the retreat to kill Nedich and capture Zherkezhi. Sam was tasked with the effort to retrieve as much information on Douglas' intentions on the whole situation with the information attacks on both Japan and the United States. As Sam infiltrated the retreat, he scanned the license plates on the SUVs where he receives information on the Bosnian Barber aka Milan Nedich, the head of Displace's VIP Protection detail who is really Milos Novak. Sam was ordered to interrogate Milan for information about Douglas' intentions before executing him.

When Sam found Milan in a conference with other members of Displace International, he quickly took Milos hostage and interrogated him. Milan told Sam that his true intentions were to use the Masse Kernels on a wider scale. Sam was then ordered to execute Milan as he was too dangerous to leave alive.

During the mission, Fisher was also tasked with retrieving a number of microphones tapped into the retreat's telephone lines by the Japanese Information Self-Defense Force, who were keeping tabs on Displace's suspicious activities. Fisher found most of these microphones for later analysis.

Sam eventually located the retreat's tea house, where he hoped to capture Abrahim Zherkezhi. Unfortunately, Shetland had already arrived via helicopter and was in the middle of a meeting with Zherkezhi. Zherkezhi began questioning Shetland's intentions, prompting Shetland to slash Zherkezhi to death with a katana despite the latter's pleas for mercy. Upon hearing this, Lambert ordered Fisher to intercept Shetland before he escaped. Shetland was able to escape in a helicopter before Sam was able to capture him. Fisher then fled the retreat before he could be intercepted by Displace.

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