Were you looking for the Hokkaido Island, the setting this level takes place?

Hokkaido is the sixth solo campaign mission in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Sam Fisher must kidnap Abrahim Zherkezhi so Third Echelon can discover what he knows and what Displace's involvement is.


Displace has relocated Zherkezhi to Hokkaido, Japan. Evidence suggests that a faction within Displace may be acting without authorization. Kidnap Zherkezhi so Third Echelon can find out what he knows and what Displace’s involvement is.

Mission InformationEdit


Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Abduct Abrahim Zherkezhi — Abrahim Zherkezhi's weaponized algorithms are extraordinarily complex. Abduct him so that Third Echelon can interrogate him for information about his methods and plans.
  • Discover the real identity of Milan Nedich — Third Echelon's files draw a blank on the name Milan Nedich, Displace's VP of Protection Services. Scan his license plate to find out his real identity.
  • Eliminate Milan Nedich — Milan Nedich is complicit in Zherkezhi's plans, and may be leading a rouge faction within Displace International. Exercise any opportunity to eliminate him.
  • Eliminate Douglas Shetland — Shetland murdered Zherkezhi to cover up information that may prevent a world war. He is also trading in classified weaponized algorithms. Exercise any opportunity to eliminate him.
  • Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point — Exfiltrate from the shore of the lake where you were inserted.

Opportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Retrieve the hidden microphones — Admiral Otomo's I-SDF has been monitoring Displace's activities. Their agents have left detectable microphones on site. Locate and recover them to maintain OPSEC.


  • Paper walls are breakable and guards can be grabbed through them.
  • Microphones can be pried out of the walls using the knife.
  • Microphones can be seen in thermal vision.
  • Microphones can be seen with EMF vision.
  • The license plates of the trucks can be scanned with the EEV.
  • There are some supplies in the kitchen.
  • Nedich is in the central palace.

Transcript Edit

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Mission OverviewEdit

After Third Echelon found out that Displace International has relocated Zherkezhi to Hokkaido, they focused their attention to the Private Retreat Zherkezhi is located in Hokkaido, Japan. Fisher infiltrated the private estate through the forest and made his way into a side entrance where the vehicles were located. Eventually, Fisher was able to locate Milan Nedich in a meeting room along with his Displace guards having a conversation. After Nedich calls them off, the exit the room and Fisher sees this as the prime opportunity to grab Nedich. Fisher grabs Nedich from behind and interrogates him, confirming that Shetland is in charge of the conspiracy and that Displace International is involved in. After the information is confirmed, Fisher executes the Fifth Freedom and kills Nedich. Fisher is able to make his way towards Zherkezhi in a separate room from the others.

Douglas Shetland and Zherkezhi's shadows can be seen in the teahouse as Fisher is sneaking in, however, before Fisher can do anything, Shetland murders Zherkezhi with a sword and runs for the exit. Fisher pursues Shetland but loses him as he gets in a chopper and leaves. Fisher exfiltrates where he inserted into the Private Estate.


  • When entering the teahouse, a guard complains about the noisy floorboards. Another guard replies that it's a nightingale floor that is used to detect ninjas. While the first guard disagrees, the second guard says that in 2004, he was assigned to protect an oil rig, where he and his team were attacked by a ninja. This is a reference to the GFO Oil Rig mission in the very first Splinter Cell game, and the "ninja" who attacked the guard was actually Sam Fisher himself.
  • This is the first mission to feature lots of candles. However, shooting the candles will prevent guards from relighting them since the A.I. is not programmed to pick them up once they are on the floor.
  • If the player did not uncover Milan Nedich's real identity in the previous mission, Sam will be tasked with the objective of scanning two car's license plates with EEV.
  • A banana can be found in one of the toilets.
  • If Sam finds all the hidden microphone bugs, a conversation between him and Grim will reveal that Lambert has multiple ex-wives.
  • If Sam rushes into the teahouse where Shetland is about to murder Zherkezhi, Shetland will kill Zherkezhi by a headshot rather than cut him with the samurai sword.
  • If Sam doesen't kill Nedich in the central palace, he will reappear in the front courtyard after Shetland kills Zherkezhi.
  • This is the only mission without a Bonus Objective in the game.



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