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 Hisham Hamza is a member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of Defense (DoD) interdepartmental operative and a field liaison between the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA). Hamza acted as Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher's occasional contact while Sam was undercover in John Brown's Army during the JBA Crisis.


2007: Hallucinogenic Experiments[]

After Sam Fisher volunteered to test a new hallucinogenic experiment, Hamza convinced Irving Lambert to let him walk Fisher through the experiment. After Fisher woke up in the bunker, Hamza contacted him via his implant and told him that their agent inside had gone silent, but that he would guide him through the bunker. Hamza met him at the bunker's exit and explained what had happened.

2008: JBA Crisis[]

Version 1[]

Hisham Hamza was Sam's contact during his time in Shanghai, China. During the mission in Kinshasa, Emile Dufraisne ordered Sam to kill Hamza after he discovered from Massoud that he is a mole. Fisher decided to save Hamza by using the sniper rifle to take out the other soldier that attempted to kill him. Splinter Cell: Conviction script writer Richard Dansky confirmed that saving Hamza is the canon choice.[2]

Version 2[]

Hisham Hamza is Sam's partner during the mission tasked with infiltrating and investigating a facility located in Iceland. He discovers traces of radiation in the labs but is called off by Third Echelon director Irving Lambert , telling them both that the mission is aborted. Despite Lambert saying that the mission is now cancelled, Hamza still backs Sam and states that he'll only leave if Fisher wants to. The two eventually abort their objectives and leave the mission. The second encounter Fisher has with Hamza is during the mission to Kinshasa; Sam is commanded by Emile Dufraisne to shoot and kill Hamza because it was discovered that he was a mole.

Sam is then given the choice to kill or spare Hamza; if Sam kills Hamza, he gains the trust of the JBA but loses trust from the NSA. If Sam spares Hamza, however, the JBA will trust him less but the NSA will be more confident in Sam's actions. Sam chooses to save Hamza, telling him that he would have done the same thing if given the choice. Sam [the player] can either kill Hamza and put his body in a car for JBA trust, or escort Hamza to a parking lot and hoist him over the fence facilitating his escape.



In Splinter Cell: Essentials, it is shown that Sam Fisher kills Hisham Hamza by shooting him in the back to cover his position within John Brown's Army. This is shown only in cutscenes and is not a result of the player's actions. (This is also non-canon, as the canon route is that Sam rescues Hisham.)


Relatively young for a man of his position, Hamza is part of a new initiative within the Department of Defense: The Interdepartmental Operative. Nominally a member of the CIA, Hamza's capacity for quick learning made him an excellent early candidate as a field liaison between the CIA and the NSA. Although still youthful and arrogant, his versatility is likely to make him a great agent one day.[1]It is revealed that Hisham doesn't like fish.[3]


  • Hisham Hamza has also been described as an "undercover NSA operative".[4]
  • In Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2), if Fisher had spared him, he contacts him and tells him a way to disable the first bomb in New York.
    • Additionally, in the mission where Fisher saves him, Hisham gives Fisher an experimental syringe he can use in case he gets into any trouble.


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