The Grand Central Station is a train station in New York City. It is the site of an operation conducted by John Brown's Army.

Train RobberyEdit

JBA operatives Sam Fisher and Enrica Villablanca make their way through the station. Shortly Enrica stays behind at the security station while Sam finds the station chief. Soon, Enrica tells Sam that the station chief is 2 rooms north of him talking to a guard. When Sam reaches the room he finds the station chief finishes talking and leaves the room. Sam then follows the station chief to the control room where he can either kill or knock out the station chief. Sam then gets on board the back of the train just before it leaves. Sam isolates the rear train cars and disables communications so Jamie Washington can change tracks. Lastly, Sam gets to the driver at the front of the train and sends the train crashing. Carson Moss kills the driver and the JBA robs the train.

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