Gone Dark missions are a metagame found in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


Gone Dark missions are done entirely on the SMI map and are marked with yellow markers. The start of each missions give a short briefing containing a clue to the location of the next lead, which is found by scanning the map. Sometimes, doing real-life research helps decrypt some of the clues.

At the end of each Gone Dark mission, the player is given two options, both of which cost a small sum of money to perform, usually a few ten thousand in-game currency. Choosing the right one results in a success and a permanent additional 0.5 score multiplier. Choosing the wrong action results in a failure, though the mission reappears at some later point. Gone Dark missions appear at a rate of one per day and have to be solved within 24 hours.

Known MissionsEdit

  • Sniper Hunt
  • Catching Big Fish
  • With Big Dogs
  • Ticking Time Bomb
  • Hunting a Monster
  • Finding Terrorists
  • Crude Methods
  • Jam Session
  • Dead Files
  • Monkey Doom
  • Strictly Business
  • Sub Hack
  • Black Site
  • No Yellowcake
  • Brain Drain
  • False Flag
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Blown Cover
  • Gun Runner
  • Blood Coltan
  • Border Dispute
  • Bright Water
  • Drone Down
  • Malaysian Threat
  • Flip the Spy
  • JBA Terror Legacy
  • Power Source
  • Double Agent
  • Birthday party


  • Many of the Gone Dark missions are references to the previous games; organizations, people and events.
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