The Golden Triangle was a heroin trade dealer group, funded and protected by the Darah Dan Doa during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006.

Overview Edit

Started in 1996 by the Darah Dan Doa, the Golden Triangle was the Darah Dan Doa's secondary source of funding, but soon became their biggest economic focus after the CIA pulled out their support. Based in a Kundang camp complex, the Golden Triangle received its name from its route of trade, which forms a triangle when plotted onto a map.

During an operation where Third Echelon worked with Displace International (without Displace knowing about Third Echelon, however), Third Echelon had sent in a Splinter Cell agent, Sam Fisher, to enter the camp and tap Suhadi Sadono's daily Pandora Tomorrow phone calls. During the infiltration into an underground section of the Darah Dan Doa buildings inside the Kundang camp, Fisher met with Azrul Arifin, who confirmed a name in connection with the Golden Triangle - 'Stanley Nakariakov'.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, the Golden Triangle exists in Southeast Asia as an opium producing area.