"'s time for me to retire."
Sam Fisher to Irving Lambert at the start of the mission.

Geothermal Plant is the first solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher and rookie Splinter Cell agent John Hodge must infiltrate a Geothermal Plant in Iceland to investigate suspicious activity. This mission is notable in that it is the last 'official mission' Sam Fisher participated in as a Splinter Cell agent for Third Echelon, before doing double agent missions for the NSA during the JBA Crisis in 2008.

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Primary Objectives Edit

  • NSA: Investigate the thermal plant - Intel indicates that the geothermal plant is being used as base of operations for a terrorist organization, one that may have access to missiles. Investigate any terrorist activity on site.
  • NSA: Stop the missile launch - You are now under orders to prevent the missile from launching by any means necessary. Once that bird is in the air, we have no means of bringing it down.
  • NSA: Extract by chopper - The crew of the Osprey has dropped a rope for you to climb in order to extract from the geothermal plant. Reach the helicopter before the missile's ignition vaporizes everything around it.

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • NSA: Infiltrate the plant without alert - You cannot let the terrorists on-site know that you are there, or they will scrub their current operations. Infiltrate the geothermal power station without being detected (unlocks EMP Grenade).
  • NSA: Infiltrate the base without alerts - It is imperative that you reach the terrorists' central facilities, and that you not be detected as you do so. Failure may compromise the observation operation (unlocks Explosive Sticky Camera).

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Notes Edit

  • The code for the keypad on the gate is 1977.

Mission Overview Edit


Sam Fisher and John Hodge have a conversation before insertion into the mission.

Third Echelon's V-22 Opsrey flies through the air towards the mission's insertion point as Sam Fisher and John Hodge prepare by putting on their equipment and securing their goggles. Sam asks Hodge if "he's afraid", and Hodge replies with a "no", over-confidently asking Fisher if he "should be". The Osprey's main cargo door lift lowers as Hodge quickly dashes past Fisher and shouts, "let me lead the way!" jumping out of the lift bay and into the water below. Fisher turns off his night vision mode and tells Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert that he's getting too old for this, but Lambert assures him that he's just trying to impress him. Fisher finally dives out of the Osprey's door and into the cold water below and the two agents begin to swim towards the geothermal plant into a water intake. Above them, a guard was stationary on a thin patch of ice, prompting Hodge to immediately swim under him and yank him into the cold water, killing him with his knife, stating "Just like you would have done it, Agent Fisher."


Sam Fisher investigates the pump house outside of the Geothermal Plant.

Fisher emerges from the cold water and climbs onto the ice above near a pump house and some pipes. Fisher asks Lambert that he thought they were just here for observation, but Lambert states to Fisher that they received intelligence from customs about Islamic terrorists operating in the area. Fisher, believing that Hodge is unprepared to undergo this type of mission, states that Hodge isn't up to a mission of this high a priority and tells him that he needs to be pulled. Lambert tells Fisher that it's too late now, and that they are in too deep. Hodge notes to Fisher that the electrical fence is live and that the power needs to be disabled in order for them to climb over it. Fisher entered into the nearby pump house and disabled the power, afterwards he met with Hodge and helped him over the fence. Fisher climbed over the fence, climbed a ladder on the opposite side and stood on the surface of one of the buildings.


John Hodge runs in the front entrance despite objection from both Lambert and Fisher.


John Hodge seconds before being gunned down by the guards.

Lambert tells Hodge to find a way to shut off the ventilation fans located in the upper catwalk of the geothermal plant so Fisher can infiltrate. After disabling the fans, Hodge tells Lambert that the entrance looks clear and that he thinks he can slip past the guards in front. Lambert tells him to stay put, but he ignores both Lambert and Fisher's shouts as he runs into the front entrance. Lambert notifies Fisher that he needs to enter in through the ventilation shaft before the vents kick back in. Fisher is able to slip through just in time as the ventilation fan powers back on and begins to rotate again. Fisher hears the radio chatter from the terrorists in the plant about an intruder being in the facility; after looking down, he sees Hodge holding his hands up as the guards aim their weapons at him. The men shoot and kill Hodge as he falls on his knees and drops flat on the ground, making Fisher's presence a little more known.


Sam Fisher escapes the Geothermal Plant by extracting through the missile bay doors by climbing the Osprey's rope.

Fisher finds that the interior houses an ICBM, armed and ready for launch in 7 minutes. Fisher asks Lambert for technical support, to which a support tells Fisher that he does not have enough time to disarm the missile. Fortunately, he tells Fisher that the missile can be hacked to detonate as soon as it launches, warning Fisher to get out of there in 60 seconds as soon as he does. Fisher is able to hack the system computer located on the missile itself and activate it. After activating it to detonate as soon as it launches, an alarm system triggers and the Osprey positions itself above the missile bay doors. Fisher climbs the staircase, climbs up the ladder and travels across the upper catwalk. The Osprey releases a rope for Fisher, allowing him to grab onto it and begin to climb up towards a tilt-rotor aircraft. Fisher enters the V-22 Osprey and asks Lambert what was going on, and Lambert reveals to him that Fisher's only daughter, Sarah Fisher, was killed by a drunk driver. Sam, not being able to handle the devastating news, was then pulled out of active service by Lambert.

Trivia Edit

  • In the cutscene showing Fisher and Hodge getting ready for the mission (hooking up belt, putting on goggles) it shows Fisher switching a button the side of his goggles 'toggling on' the lights on the Multi-Vision Goggles he is wearing. This is likely just him activating the night vision mode, as he turns the mode back off just before the player takes control of him.
    • During gameplay, the Multi-Vision Goggles never act like this where the 'lights' turn on or off depending on if the player has turned them on or not: the lights are always on.
  • There is a computer terminal located in the V-22 Opsrey as soon as the player begins the mission, accessing it will reveal an email from Sarah that was sent to Sam.
  • Two SCAR-L assault rifles can be seen on seats inside the V-22 Osprey.
  • The V-22 Osprey, the signature transport used in each of the games as the means of transportation for Sam Fisher, only appears in this mission before it is absent from the rest of the game.
    • Additionally, this is the last appearance that it makes in the Splinter Cell series in general.
  • This mission can be tricky to get a 100% stealth score on. According to Centerstrain01's walkthrough, this is because of one guard near the far end of the inner courtyard where the ladders are. If this guard becomes suspicious in any way and breaks from his normal back-and-forth patrol pattern, this counts as being identified as an intruder, which means a lower stealth score at the end of the mission.
    • The guard at the beginning of the game may act suspicious if Fisher does not cut power to the electric fence and make it to the zip line fast enough. If Fisher is not seen but rushes to shut the electric fence down, the guard will always be on alert. The guard will constantly bash the door to the building with the electric fence's wire. Both instance count as being identified as an intruder.
    • A script error in the game causes the guard nearby the ventilation shaft leading inside the plant to not appear unless Fisher climbs the latter leading to the horizontal pipe. If Fisher climbs the fence instead, the guard will not appear. It is possible the guard will also lower the stealth score on Hard, but there is a higher chance of this happening on Normal and Easy.
    • The behavior of Guards in this mission also vary by difficulty. It is easier to get a 100% rating on Hard than on Normal and Easy due to this. Their behavior is even different between the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Activating the console to open the hatch in the plant rather than climbing the pipe is difficult to achieve on PS3 than on Xbox 360. There is also a camera watching over the missile itself in the plant, but it is not possible to spot this camera even in EMF Vision, which will still spot you even in complete darkness.
    • Despite bugs in the PC version of the game, it is much easier to get a 100% rating on Easy and Normal on PC than on Xbox 360 and PS3. Other than Hard, there is also currently no existing walkthroughs online which shows how to get a 100% rating on Easy and Normal for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.
  • This is the first game in which a Splinter Cell operative dies during the mission as part of the story. While it has happened in the novels (especially being a big plot of some of the novels), it never happened during the games themselves before.
  • The Islamic terrorists are equip with AK-101s and P220 handguns.
  • Despite Version 1 of Splinter Cell: Double Agent being considered canon, the starting cutscene seems to fit more with Version 2 than Version 1. For example, Lambert aborts the mission in Version 2 which prompts Fisher to ask, "What's going on?!" while this reply doesn't make much sense in Version 1's Iceland mission (as the mission wasn't aborted).
    • Fisher is wearing a different uniform as well: he isn't wearing his snow-camouflage stealth suit, nor is he wearing his balaclava. In the cutscene, Sam is wearing a black casual suit, looking for like his undercover uniform in Version 1 when he is at the JBA Headquarters.
  • In the promotional images for the first version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Sam Fisher can be seen wearing a suit similar to the Mk V Tac Suit from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. In the final version, Sam is using a black diving suit.
  • The cutscene that shows Sarah Fisher's 'death' is once again shown in Splinter Cell: Conviction during the Kobin's Mansion level as Fisher infiltrates the mansion to look for Andriy Kobin. Before breaching the final room that Andriy Kobin is in, thee is a looping video that plays.


  1. Upon arrival by helicopter and the station computers have letters dated late numbers, 14-18 September 2007. They contradict the mission date from the boot screen. Also during the final movie, Sam is wearing a completely different form, similar to the one he wears in the headquarters of JBA.

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