Georgia is an independent European nation and a former member of the Soviet Union. It is located in the North Caucasus region and its capital and largest city is T'bilisi. It is a major location and the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.


T'bilisi Old Town Edit

Old Town describes the historical district in T'bilisi.

7th Police Station PrecinctEdit

The 7th T'bilisi Police Precinct is one of many precincts located throughout T'bilisi. Like any police station, it houses the offices of its officers and the chief, as well as its own series of jail cells and a mortuary. The precinct also hosts an interrogation room where criminals are questioned on their crimes.

The 7th Precinct is however, a highly corrupt division of the T'bilisi police force, with many of its officers engaged in illegal activities such as random killings, beatings, the harassment of civilians, torture, and even open collaboration with Russian mercenaries. These mercenaries participate in patrolling the surrounding neighborhoods and alleyways alongside the corrupt officers of the precinct, ensuring that no suspicious individuals are aware of the true nature of their operations within the precinct. The staff at the precinct are in direct collaboration with Russian mercenary leader Vyacheslav Grinko, who is a close collaborator with President Kombayn Nikoladze.

Defense MinistryEdit

The Ministry of Defense is an expansive facility that houses the offices of all major figures of the Georgian military, as well as secondary offices for government personnel. The President of Georgia maintains an office in the Ministry, and during 2004, this office was acquired by President Kombayn Nikoladze. The Ministry comes in four wings: The North, South, East, and West Wings, each of which house different facilities and are heavily guarded by the Georgian Armed Forces. In the center of the Ministry is the courtyard, which is defended by a laser grid and dons a statue of President Nikoladze. The Ministry serves as the primary meeting ground for the Georgian leadership during times of conflict.

Presidential PalaceEdit

The Georgian Presidential Palace is the official residence of the President of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. It is located in the center of the capital T'Bilisi on elevated land. The Palace houses the office of the President and various officials, and is where he makes the majority of his executive decisions. It is a grand facility designed to fulfill the needs of the President and all residing officials, and is heavily guarded with a formidable security force.

Georgian WatersEdit

GFO Oil RigEdit

The oil rig is one of several Georgian oil rigs in the Caspian Sea. Besides supplying the Republic of Georgia with oil, it was also a major center of communications relay for President Nikoladze's war against the United States. After NATO intervened on the behalf of Azerbaijan, which was overrun with Georgian commando cells, Nikoladze's forces relayed several top-secret communications through the rig. Several cells were lost trying to maintain control of the oil rig, indicating its value in the ongoing conflict.

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