Gas Grenade

Gas Grenade.

The Gas Grenade is a standard non-lethal gas canister grenade device.


Three seconds after being fired from the launcher attachment, the gas grenade releases a cloud of gas roughly four feet in diameter. Any enemy within range is exposed to the fumes, causing violent respiratory seizure and, eventually, unconsciousness.

For best results, a gas grenade can be fired at the target's feet. A group of targets can be knocked out by a single grenade if the player aims the grenade at the ground between them.

Trivia Edit

  • In the manual for the first Splinter Cell game, it is said to contain CS (0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) gas while the manual for Chaos Theory says, "The gas grenade produces harmful hydrochloric fumes".
  • If Fisher passes through the gas cloud, he takes continuous damage until he leaves the area or passes out, resulting in mission failure.
  • Interestingly, the manual for the first game refers to it as a "Smoke Grenade", although they are different type of gadgets.
  • The enemies in later missions in Chaos Theory will equip gas masks, but gas grenades can still knock them out. Similar things can happen in Double Agent, where gas grenades still be effective against enemies with protective gear.
  • In Chaos Theory and Double Agent, the sticky camera also has gas function that knocks out enemies; but the gas grenade still has tactical advantage as the gas grenade will release gas after impact, the gas function of sticky camera needs the user to activate it.


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