Gareth was a Philadelphia police officer who had shot and killed an unidentified leader within The Engineers who had been trying to escape from Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher.


2013: Blacklist AttacksEdit

Gareth had been patrolling the nearby subway stop during "American Freedom", when Sam Fisher was chasing an Engineer leader through a subway train. Sam had cornered the Engineer, causing the him to grab a civilian as a hostage. Gareth was able to shoot and kill the Engineer, but pointed the gun at Sam, thinking he was an enemy. Sam was forced to surrender and was arrested by the surrounding officers.

Despite causing huge problems for Fourth Echelon, as the Engineer suspect was intended to be captured and interrogated, Gareth had been praised by the media and was recognized as a hero. In a news broadcast, Gareth was even awarded the 'Key to the City',


  • Gareth's name is revealed in the credits as the 'Transit Cop'.
  • Gareth is voiced and modeled by James Byron.
  • Ubisoft Toronto character artist Tito Belgrave titled Gareth as 'Gareth the Cop' in concept art images.

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