Galliard's killer
Biographical information
Died 2011
Cause of death Car explosion by Megiddo.
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Shaved
Career information
Affiliations Megiddo
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Conviction
Galliard's killer is an assassin that appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. He infiltrated the Lincoln Memorial where he shot and killed Lucius Galliard in an attempt to suppress the Third Echelon Conspiracy plot. In an attempt to escape ex-Splinter Cell Sam Fisher, he was killed in a vehicle explosion caused by a bomb planted on his getaway car.

Biography Edit


As the killer attempts to start his vehicle, Sam Fisher closes in just as the car explodes from a bomb sabotage.

2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy Edit

At the end of Sam Fisher's interrogation of Lucius Galliard at the Lincoln Memorial, Galliard is shot with a USP.45 from across the room by a man dressed as a police officer. Sam chases him throughout the Lincoln Memorial and into the streets of Washington D.C. Since he is dressed as a police officer, Galliard's killer gets police backup, forcing Sam to deal with them before continuing the chase. The killer also kills two civilians during the chase and eventually runs through a cafe and towards a car. He attempts to escape in the car, trying to start it but as Sam comes closer, the car explodes and kills him, leaving only charred remains.

Trivia Edit

  • The killer had a fade and wore sunglasses. He wore a white polo under a bulletproof vest that had the word "POLICE" in white letters on the back of it. He also wore fingerless gloves, dark blue cargo pants and boots.
  • The killer was dressed to look like a police officer, explaining how he was able to infiltrate the Lincoln Memorial. This also gives him an slight edge when he attempted to flee from Sam, telling the other officers that he's a 'cop killer.'
  • It is impossible for the player to actually capture him during the segment, no matter how quickly the player moves through the environment.
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