Agent Frasier was a mole and traitor in the NSA. In 2006, he masterminded the plan to steal weapons from the NSA (with the help of Colonel Matthews and Ernest) in order to make a profit from the sell of the weapons. He was also assigned as Sam Fisher's extraction. Fisher infiltrated a Steel Factory in Warsaw, Indiana and took out several thugs and eavesdropped on Ernest, Fisher found Agent Frasier waiting for him in the factory. He was hoping to catch Sam, kill him and frame him for the stolen weapons. Lambert ordered Fisher to capture the traitor for interrogation, so that they could learn about the arms network.

Fisher did so, and joked that if he knew how heavy the Agent was, he would not have done so. Fisher put his unconscious body in the back of the getaway van then left the factory.

IMG 0983

Sam captures Agent Frasier


Frasier appears in the PSP exclusive game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials. Capturing him is a bonus objective, and the player also has the option of killing him.


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