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François Coldeboeuf was a security guard at the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Biography Edit

2003 Edit

Coldeboeuf was arrested on March 1, 2003 for voyeurism: he took a picture of a woman with his chellphone camera when, as Anna Grímsdóttir states, he "should have averted his eyes." The charges were later dropped.

Two years later, on January 9, 2005, he was recruited as a security guard by Saulnier Cryogenics.

2006: Indonesian Crisis Edit

See: Paris, France

During the Indonesian Crisis in 2006, Coldeboeuf worked as a security guard for Saulnier Cyogenics Lab in Paris, France. When Norman Soth's mercenaries attacked the building, Coldeboeuf managed to take a picture of Soth on his phone's camera. After he took the picture, he hid himself in a room further in the facility.

Sam talks to François, who shows a picture of mortified_penguin, the mysterious leader of the attack. It is revealed to be Norman Soth, an ex-CIA agent whose allegiance and current affiliation were currently unknown.

Fate Edit

There are three ways Sam can deal with Coldeboeuf:

Version 1 Edit

Sam can shoot a panel next to the mercenaries, after speaking with François and taking his cell phone, which releases steam from several places. Doing so kills all of the mercenaries and stops the timer. Alternatively you can kill the mercenaries before they place the barrels, and then shoot the panel after speaking to François. Both options stop the steam in the upper vent while saving François (Xbox/PC version).

Version 2 Edit

Sam leaves François behind as the mercenaries prepare to destroy the room with explosive barrels in the hopes of killing François. Sam is troubled that he couldn't save him but leaves the lab to meet up with the Osprey to catch the train Norman Soth is on.

Version 3 Edit

Sam kills François Coldeboeuf. If he attempts to knock out or use sticky shocker or other non-lethal weapons on François, Sam inadvertently kills him. Alternatively, Sam can kill François with lethal force (bullets, grenades, etc.), leaving the body near the barrel and shooting it (so it kills François). Sam can either move François body away from explosive before shooting it, or let François burn from the blast. These options lead to Lambert scolding Sam Fisher for killing François and telling him that he will under go psych analysis when he returns to base.


  • Lambert may scold you and send you to psych analysis for simply letting the terrorists kill François, as in Version 3.
  • There is no end of mission comment for saving François (unlike the other options).
  • There is a small chance that the game will bug and steam won't go away after the explosion.
  • You can only shoot the panel for Version 1 after speaking to François, attempting to do it before will have no effect.
  • François Coldeboeuf was also the name of the co-producer of the single player portion in Pandora Tomorrow.
  • The mobile phone which François took a picture of Soth was modelled after the Sony Ericsson T630.
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