Fourth Echelon Goggles
GOGGLES 102091
Other Name(s) 4E Goggles
Type Experimental Vision Device
Developer Fourth Echelon
Used By Fourth Echelon operatives
Notable User(s) Sam Fisher
Isaac Briggs
Preceded By Sonar Goggles (in C)
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The Fourth Echelon Goggles are the newest goggles used by agents Sam Fisher and Isaac Briggs. They succeed the Sonar Goggles, and have functions of the both Multi-Vision Goggles and Sonar Goggles, but also has its own new features. The Fourth Echelon Goggles come in many different lens-color variants from classic green to even red types.

Functions Edit

The Fourth Echelon Goggles, similar to the Multi-Vision Goggles, have many different vision modes. By default, the goggles offer Night Vision mode, to see clearly while hidden in the shadows, but they can be improved to add Sonar Vision mode. Sonar goggles periodically emit a supersonic pulse to detect hostiles behind walls. They can also detect mines and security systems. Upgrades to the Fourth Echelon Goggles increase its range and sensitivity. Drone operators can disable the goggles when they are in the map, even if they are far away. The user have to take them out to make the goggles work properly again. The Standard Goggles can be upgraded/customized to utilize more of its potential, each of them coming with their own, unique look. In "Perfectionist" difficulty the Sonar function seems less useful because it cannot see through walls. However, Sonar vision is useful if the environment is too bright for NV mode.


  • Sonar Pulse: Provides the update given by the Sonar Goggles, releasing a sonar pulse that allows tracking targets through walls.
  • Footprint Tracking: Reveals fresh traces of recent passage.
  • Colorized Imaging: Colorized thermal imaging for up to 15m range.
  • Ambient Sonar: Utilizes ambient noise between sonar pulses to continue to track targets.
  • High Frequency: Decreases the delay between sonar pulses, and decreases movement distortion.
  • Long Range: Increases the range of all previous modules to 20m.
  • Integrated Optics: An aesthetic, alternate form-factor of the Long Range Goggles.


The light on Sam's back as well as his watch and OPSAT will match the color of his goggles.

  • Classic Green
  • Topaz
  • Voron Red
  • Navy
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • White
  • Gold
  • Amber
  • Ghost Blue (uPlay reward)

Camouflages Edit

  • Black
  • Desert
  • Urban
  • Forest
  • Navy



  • In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey , the Fourth Echelon googles can be seen on top of a box with the spoken dialogue "Looks Third Echelon. Or is it Fourth?"


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