The Flashbang Grenade.

The Flashbang Grenade (also known as a Stun GrenadeFlash Grenade or simply Flashbang) is a non-lethal explosive device designed to temporarily blind and deafen their victims. When an enemy is within it's range, it will stun them for a period of time; longer than the stun time of EMP Grenades or the Portable EMP.


Splinter Cell: Pandora TomorrowEdit

The Flashbang Grenade first appears in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, with it's in-game model looking similar to that of the chemical flare. Once thrown, it will detonate and cause a flash of light to emit out of the grenade and blind all nearby enemies. They will be temporarily blinded for a short time, enabling the player to either neutralize them or sneak by.

Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryEdit

"SC-82 series non-lethal flashbang grenade. Explosion blinds, deafens and stuns. Safe distance, approximately 8m."
― In-game description for the Flash Grenade.

The Flashbang is available in most "Redding's Recommendation" and "Stealth" loadouts, and can be found in some missions. In this game and onward, the NPCs will run away from the flashbang. Enemies do not seem to use flashbangs against the player though. If the enemies are being flashed, they will be stunned for a brief period, and will return fire to your direction (or rush to where they think you are), thankfully they are not likely to trigger the alarm by the flashbang alone. But if they are alerted to your presence already, an alarm is imminent.

Splinter Cell: Double AgentEdit

This grenade temporarily blinds opponents when when exploded within their field of vision. Be careful however, as it may also blind Sam if he's standing too close upon detonation.

Splinter Cell: ConvictionEdit

The Flashbang is available in both single and multiplayer game, and deniable ops. It's used by the player as well as the enemies. When struck by one of these, your screen will go white for about 2 seconds, but you will still be able to move and shoot, the enemies struck by them will take longer to recover from shock.  However, using it when not detected (or not noticed) is a bad move, the enemies will be much more agressive and start to look for you. Though the Flashbang will not cause alarms, everyone will be alerted to your presence after you let one of these fly, this also applies to EMP Grenades and most other gadgets as well. After being spotted, enemies may toss some at you and attempt to rush you, so use caution and watch for "red cans" as they are the waring sign of armed gadget, including Flashbang. Normally the NPCs will announce before using the Flashbang, giving the player time to react.

Splinter Cell: BlacklistEdit

"Explodes with a concussive blast and blinding flare, temporarily stunning enemies. Ideal for 'Panther' Style."  - in game description of flashbang.



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