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"The FIVE-SEVEN offers an integrated suppressor, improved accuracy and effective stopping power."
― description for the Five-seveN[src]

The FN Five-seveN is a lightweight, semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by Belgium firearms manufacturer FN Herstal. Its name is derived from the unique 5.7 × 28mm ammunition it uses, as well as the company's initials. The Five-seveN is notable in that it is the preferred weapon of Sam Fisher, one of the former Third Echelon's most 'feared and revered' Splinter Cell operatives. Since then, the Five-seveN had been considered the standard-issue sidearm for Third Echelon Splinter Cells during special operations.

The weapon itself was designed as a companion to the P90 PDW, and both when loaded with SS190 ammunition can defeat most soft armor at considerable range, although the damage of the cartridge isn't ideal.

In-universe History[]

Tactical model[]

From about 2004 to 2007, Third Echelon had issued Splinter Cell operatives with the Tactical model of the Five-seveN with a single-action (SA) trigger, equipped with a threaded barrel to accept a sound suppressor/flash suppressor. In this period, it was referred to as the "SC 5.7 Prototype Pistol".


The Five-seveN's technical information used by Splinter Cell operatives during around 2004.

During the Georgian Information Crisis and the Indonesian Crisis, the Five-seveN used by Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher was equipped with an attachment called the Tactical Audio Kit (T.A.K.). Also known as the "Laser Mic", the T.A.K. enabled the user to read vibration off certain surfaces, mainly glass windows. It provided a zoomed-in camera-like field that could be aimed at different objects. The T.A.K. was actually an integrated part of the Five-seveN. In Pandora Tomorrow, the pistol is quieter and attached a Laser sight, and its effective range is the longest in the series. The SC pistol is more quiet than SC-20K, which makes it ideal for taking out lights and enemies, it does have a problem taking out any enemies at medium range or beyond, especially in Chaos Theory, Double Agent and Essentials. The SC pistol can also be used in many situations like performing human shield, which you cannot use any other equipment for.

A prototype device called the Optically Channeled Potentiator (OCP) was introduced around 2007 during the East Asian Crisis and the Red Mercury Plot as the new main attachment for the Five-seveN. The device produced a precisely channeled electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which interferes with and temporarily disables electrical equipment, such as lights, cameras, computers or even targeting system of turrets. The OCP replaced the earlier Camera Jammer which is only usable against cameras. The SC pistol in the third and fourth installments are less accurate and has a shorter range, the player cannot "snipe" with the SC pistol like they were able to in previous games. This effectiveness reduction is made up by the OCP attachment, which is useful for stealth approach without firing a shot. The OCP also replaces the T.A.K., which is now an integral part of player's Multi-Vision Goggles.

USG model[]

Sam Fisher fires the Five-seveN USG at a group of hostiles.

From 2011 to 2012, during the Third Echelon Conspiracy and the Blacklist Attacks, Sam Fisher and Third Echelon operatives used the USG model of the Five-seveN, in two-tone black and Flat Dark Earth. This new model is equipped with an integral suppressor which is more compact and effective than the previous model. Its OCP attachment had been removed. The Five-seveN is unique because it is the only gun that can be used to mark four targets. This is helpful if you are trying to unlock mark-related P.E.C. Challenges and in Deniable ops mode. This is the signature weapon of Sam, because he starts out most missions with the Five-seveN. In Blacklist, the Five-seveN is purchased after the F40, or PX4 Storm .45 if the former is not available. Also it has more customization options. Its performance is somewhat on par with the SC-IS Pistol, trading miniscule amounts of damage, precision, range and stability for 2 additional rounds per magazine.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction[]

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Upgrades)
Upgrades P.E.C. Points
Laser sight 250 points
Reflex sight 400 points
Match Grade Ammo 250 points



The Five-seveN as it appears in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

  • During the first four Splinter Cell titles, the Five-seveN was referred to as the "SC Pistol".
    • Conviction is the first game in the series to officially refer to the pistol by its real name.
  • The Five-seveN HUD icon in the PS2 version of the original Splinter Cell mistakenly shows a suppressed Beretta 92 FS.
  • In Essentials, Irving Lambert referred the FN Five-seveN as the "FN7".
  • In Essentials, Sam used the Five-seveN to kill Lambert, while in other games the weapon is either a Beretta 92, Luger or M1911.
  • Sometime after 2008, the MK.23 replaced the SC pistol as the standard sidearm for Splinter Cells.
  • Despite using armor-piercing rounds, the Five-seveN is not powerful enough to penetrate enemy helmets in Conviction and Blacklist, its effectiveness being overshadowed by primary weapons and the SC-IS pistol.
    • It is possible that to improve effect against enemies not equipped with body armor, Sam uses hollowpoint ammunition instead of armour piercing. This would also prevent overpenetration and accidental casualties from stray bullets.
  • During the duel near the end of the Co-op mode of Conviction, both Archer and Kestrel are armed with Five-seveNs.
  • The Five-seveN or the SC pistol, regardless of the name, is the only usable weapon that appears in all Splinter Cell games, and in some missions, Sam is only armed with his Five-seveN.
  • In Conviction, Sam receives a Five-seveN from Victor Coste, who refers to it as Sam's "favorite pistol", when meeting him in Washington, D.C..

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