"Specializing in effective stopping power over far distances, the FAMAS G2 is an ideal assault rifle."
― in-game description
 The FAMAS G2 (Fusil d'Assault de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint Étienne) is bull-pup assault rifle developed and manufactured by French state-owned firearms manufacturer MAS (Manufacture d'Armes de Saint Étienne, Saint-Etienne's weapon factory).


The FAMAS G2 was originally designed around 1994 to meet NATO requirements, thus the variant was designed to comply with NATO standards. The difference between between the FAMAS F1 is a larger trigger guard, curved ammunition cartridge (the NATO standard STENAG 4569 magazine) and hand guard. Despite being a revised version for NATO standards, the FAMAS F1 is still the standard-issue rifle of the French Army. Both rifles are in service today.

Splinter Cell: ConvictionEdit

In Splinter Cell: Conviction, the FAMAS G2 is available for use by the player via Uplay.  It has a magazine capacity of thirty rounds and has two marks available. The FAMAS G2 is unsuppressed but has very high damage, accuracy and range even with no upgrades. It's an effective secondary weapon for players who are prepared to get into a firefight. Buying scopes is only recommended when the player decides to snipe with this rifle, otherwise it will hinder player's performance at tight quarters. The weapon is notable for its very fast rate of fire (the real life gun fires at over 1000 RPM), making it the fastest firing weapon in the game, very valuable for tight situations and effective in close combat as well as at range.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Upgrades)
Upgrade P.E.C. Points
2X Scope 300 points
Laser Sight 250 points
Match Grade Ammo 250 points



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