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Enrica Villablanca, PhD (1977–2008), was the medical doctor and weapons expert of the John Brown's Army (JBA), a U.S. terrorist group, who appeared in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2). She served as a contact and love interest for Sam Fisher. She was voiced by Rachel Reenstra.


Once she was finished getting her doctorate, Enrica discovered she didn't really know what to do with her life. She did have very strong ideas about societal problems, and when she went looking for solutions to them, she found the JBA. As the only woman in the group, Enrica hides her uncertainty behind walls of professional competence and disdain.[1]


Joined a few radical environmental groups while pursuing her Doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Brown University in Rhode Island. Questioned about a break-in at an animal testing facility, two arrests for that incident included her boyfriend. She did not cooperate. After school she went to live with a friend, leader of a small group that bombed a couple of buildings, no casualties. Arrested with her friend, who was tried and convicted. Enrica's charges were dropped for insufficient evidence.[2]

Red Mercury Plot[]

The game uses Sam and Enrica's romantic relationship as a main plot point, and in the final level they plan on running away together after Sam stops the JBA at the end of the game. However, she is killed by a Splinter Cell sent by Assistant Director Williams. Sam hides in the snow and waits for the agent to walk by, then lunges from the snow and slits the Splinter Cell's throat, killing him. Although Sam is given strict orders from Williams to kill Enrica, if Sam does so, the mission ends immediately.


  • (Xbox version) In the "JBA HQ Part One" mission, there is an opportunity objective to scan Enrica's fingerprints. The prints are located in her personal quarters, on a hairbrush on a drawer.


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