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Enrica Villablanca (1978–2008), was the medical doctor and weapons expert of the John Brown's Army (JBA), a United States terrorist group during the Red Mercury Plot in 2008.


Early life

Enrica was born in Boca Raton, Florida on June 2, 1978. Her father was a Cuban expat and her mother was a 3rd generation German-American. During school, she was a straight "A" student and was awarded a scholarship to University of Florida in Engineering. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was accepted into the PhD program at Florida State University in Chemical Engineering. She was active in campus environmental groups, including ones that participated in acts of vandalism. She was involved in a "monkeywrenching" (ecotage) incident at Highsen & Block chemical plant in Allachua, Florida on May 4, 2004. This incident resulted in her going underground as a result and surfaced as a John Brown's Army member in 2006.[1]

2008: Red Mercury Plot

Enrica had to work with Sam during the cruise ship mission; Sam's mission was to plant a bomb on the cruise ship to test its effectiveness and exfiltrate.

After the mission, the top JBA members, including Enrica, gathered at the television screen to watch the satellite video of the cruise ship being blown up by the JBA device that was planted on board. The bomb was prevented from detonating and Sam frames Enrica for the bomb's failure to detonate. Emile becomes enraged as Enrica tries to tell him that she doesn't know what happened. Emile pulls out his pistol and shoots Enrica in the head, killing her instantly for her "betrayal". Her body was later placed in the furnace room.


Medical Record

Enrica is in perfect health. While there is a history of heart trouble on her father's side of the family, it has shown no sign of manifesting in her. She engages in regular exercise and has had faulty vision corrected by LASIK surgery.[1]

Personal Info

Only woman in the organization. Not romantically linked with any of her peers. Pressured to stay with group by Dufraisne, using fear of exposure and arrest. Not passionately devoted to JBA ideology.[1]


Enrica Villablanca is the sole woman affiliated with the JBA. She serves in a senior technical role and is responsible for the construction of explosives and remote detonation devices. She also has some medical training and as such has authority over medical supplies and treatment for the group as well.[1]


  • Conviction writer Richard Dansky confirmed that disarming the bomb and framing Enrica is the canon choice.[2]
  • Since Splinter Cell: Double Agent offers a lot of choice for the player, Enrica's fate is entirely up to player. The canon choice is for her to be shot and killed by Emile, but there are two main outcomes that can happen:
    1. Sam can either frame Enrica using her disarm code to prevent the ocean liner bomb from exploding or simply jam the signal. Either way, Emile will kill her for her "betrayal" or "incompetence". Sam does not show any remorse and he never comments on Enrica afterwards. Her body is later seen next to a furnace in the final JBA HQ level. Sam can scan her retina in order to access a locked door. Jamming the signal will result in the loss of JBA trust by 33%, framing Enrica will not harm the trust from both factions.
    2. Sam can also let the ocean liner explode, if he chooses "Destroy Ship" or make no decision, earning a disingenuous "Nice work, Sam" from Enrica. She will help Sam later on near the end of the game by giving him his SC-20K M.A.W.S. and Multi-Vision Goggles if he forgot to collect them from the firing range and by opening a retinal scanner locked door. Enrica then walks over to her office and Sam can either leave her alone or kill her (rendering her unconscious is not an option, despite her apparently being the least 'evil' of the JBA's members). Destroying the cruise ship will result in the loss of NSA trust by 33%, if Sam shoots Hisham or Lambert afterwards, the player will not be able to access the bonus mission and the best ending will not be available.
  • When Sam grabs her, the animation is different: she twists around in his arms to look at him face to face and holds onto his wrist. If interrogated, she only reiterates what she's already told him. She can only be killed if the player has grabbed her, she cannot be knocked out.
    • There is a glitch that if Sam preforms a human shield when holding Enrica he will hold his SC-20K instead of a pistol.
  • She was in command of the first JBA-assigned mission, and she gave Sam assignments in the second JBA mission.
    • In the second JBA mission, there is a special scene that Sam could be caught by Enrica in her room, Sam will automatically "take over" the game and the mission will be completed even when the timer is not run out. This is the only way to seduce Enrica in the game, if the player chooses not to go back through Enrica's room the scene will be skipped.
  • If Enrica dies in the third JBA mission, her body appears in the furnace room (where Sam brought the dead pilot) and the player can scan her for retinal features.
  • Sam can seduce Enrica in the second JBA mission by sneaking into her bedroom and attempting to leave after opening Emlie Dufraisne's safe. [3]


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