Biographical information
Citizenship Panamanian
Physical description
Hair Brown/Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Bank Guard
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
"I think I'm going to get one of those for my garage. Imagine that: you pull up in your car at night and the driveway lights up automatically."
― Emilio, upon hearing about motion sensing lights

Emilio was a Panamanian bank guard who had to watch the courtyard area of the MCAS Banco de Panama. He was present on the premises when Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrated the bank in 2007.

Biography Edit

2007: Cyber Attacks Edit

On the 28th of June, 2007, Emilio was on guard duty to watch over the MCAS Banco de Panama at night. One of the guards told him about a new motion sensor system installed in the outer lights that will activate when they detect any movement, which Emilio had never heard of before. Emilio said it was amazing, to which the other guard said it was 'like magic.' Emile tells the other guard that he thinks he'll get one for his garage but the other guy says that it's too expensive and 'high-tec'.

Trivia Edit

  • This conversation updates the player's "Notes" section in the OPSAT to let them know that the outer lights are sensitive to movement.
  • Emilio's fate is largely up to the player, as the player has Fifth Freedom through the mission.
  • An email from Emilio can be found in the entrance computer referencing a new medical kit he had installed in the bathroom for the guards to use.
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