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For the similar character in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2), see Emile Dufraisne (Version 2).

Emile Dufraisne was the main antagonist in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1). He was the leader and founder of John Brown's Army (JBA), an American terrorist organization. He also appeared in Splinter Cell: Conviction in one of Sam Fisher's flashbacks.


Early life

Dufraisne was born in Natchez, Mississippi on November 10, 1958 to a wealthy family who owned much of the property in and around the city. When Dufraisne was an only child, both his parents died young and thus Emile fully inherited the wealth at age 18. He remained a pillar of the community for many years, investing heavily in manufacturing and electronics. Dufraisne liquidated his holdings in 1992 and went underground, founding John Brown's Army.[1]

2008: Red Mercury Plot

Dufraisne first meets Sam Fisher at the JBA Headquarters after Sam and Jamie Washington (Version 1) escaped from Ellsworth Penitentiary. Immediately, upon arrive, Emile tasks Sam with shooting the news helicopter pilot, Cole Yeager, that they took hostage as a test of loyalty.

Dufraisne then sends Sam to hijack a supertanker, the Rublev, in the Sea of Okhotsk off the Siberian coast. After the mission, Sam is tasked with meeting up with Dufraisne in Shanghai, where he saves both their lives after the helicopter pilot dies. Sam's purpose for being in Shanghai is to meet with the Pakistani nuclear scientist, Dr. Aswat. Dufraisne tasks Sam with stealing Aswat's notes on how to make Red Mercury.

After several operations, the JBA, with the help of the undercover Sam Fisher, manage to obtain Red Mercury. Emile prepares to detonate the Red Mercury bomb in New York City after a large police force is seen gathering outside the compound. Sam Fisher goes on to incapacitate most of his men. Sam then kills Emile, defuses the Red Mercury bomb and saves New York.[2]



Strong, commanding personality, very intelligent. Single, never married, no romantic history to speak of. Regards the government as being in the hands of traitors to the founding fathers, and is willing to use any means necessary to reclaim it. Is the absolute authority in the JBA, and will brook no interference.[1]

Medical Record

For a man of his age, Dufraisne is in perfect health. Blood pressure is somewhat high, as is his cholesterol, but other readings are well within ideal parameters. Dufraisne is still physically powerful, and can intimidate as much with force as with personality.[1]


Dufraisne is the undisputed leader of the JBA, and his decisions are law within the group. He also serves as the external liaison with other terror groups with whom the JBA is cooperating.[1]


  • Although Sam is able to knock out Emile non-lethally, Conviction script writer Richard Dansky confirmed that killing him is the canon choice. One of the ways to knock him out is by sneaking up on Emile during the final firefight in the JBA headquarters. When you choose to grab the character, he will turn around and a very brief fight will ensue, ending with Sam punching him and knocking him out.[2]
  • The player can interrogate Emile by wall grabbing him.
  • His sidearm of choice is a Luger P08, although in final JBA mission he has a backup M1911 pistol equipped.
  • In mix cgi live action trailer Emile is played by actor Daniel Benzali.

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