Were you looking for the level of the same name in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 1)?

Were you looking for the Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary, the setting this level takes place?

Ellsworth Penitentiary is the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2). Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher is sent to as an undercover agent to Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary by Third Echelon as part of his mission to infiltrate John Brown's Army (JBA), an American domestic terrorist organization involved with the purchase of Red Mercury.

Mission Information Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Get walkie-talkie from security booth
  • Echelon: Escape Ellsworth Prison with Jamie
  • JBA: Find an adrenalin syringe
  • JBA: Regroup with Jamie Washington
  • JBA: Release the lock to the Gas Chamber

Opposing Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Do not let Barnham die
  • JBA: Help Jamie kill Barnham

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Echelon: Find hidden information disk
  • JBA: Alter death records

Mission Overview Edit

Over a three week period, Sam Fisher was processed into the Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary and became friends with Jamie Washington, a member of John Brown's Army. As Fisher waits in his cell, Jamie asks Sam to meet him behind the cells where employee and security personnel are allowed. Fisher climbs under his bed where he has removed the stone bricks from the wall, allowing him to enter this restricted area. He meets with Jamie and tells him that their next move is to grab another walkie-talkie from the nearby guard booth, as just having one radio isn't much use. After Jamie helps Sam over the wall, Fisher follows the pipes and catwalk to a small ventilation area and entered the guards booth. Once Fisher grabbed the radio, it was now a race against time as Jamie radios Fisher and notifies that the prison guards are about to do a cell check, meaning Fisher needs to make it back in time.

Fisher is able to return to his cell, but his approached by a guard and told that he has a visitor. Fisher walks over to the visitation window and finds Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert on the other side. Lambert tells him that tonight is the night that the two are going to break out. Lambert notifies him that he worked out a drop-off point for a file on Jamie Washington in the morgue that may help him durng the infiltrate of the JBA. Before Sam leaves, however, Lambert tells Sam that if anything ever happens, it is imperative that Barnham to not dies. He is an important key witness in a federal case and must remain alive to be a witness. He explains that Lawrence Williams is aware of the double agent operation, and will close the operation if he thinks that Fisher is in too deep.

After the meeting, Fisher heads out of the room but hears an announcement that guards should be aware that Jamie Washington and Barnham are alone in the prison yard, meaning Jamie is in danger. In the prison yard, Jamie is lifting weights but Barnham antagonizes him, telling him he'll be his 'spotter'. Suddenly, Barnham pulls down the weights on Jamie's throat, choking him. Fisher arrives in time and grabs Barnham and comes to a choice: he can either either kill Barnham, earning Jamie's trust, or simply knock out Barham and maintain NSA trust. A prison guard tells them to stand down, but after Fisher made his choice, he threw down a knock-out gas grenade and immobilized both Fisher and Jamie.

Fisher wakes up in a prison cell in the doctor's officer as a prison-wide riot can be heard outside the room. Jamie asks Fisher if he thought that they caused it, to which Fisher replies, "One can hope." Jamie tells Fisher that, if he wants, he can introduce him to his friends after they break out of the prison. Fisher tells him that sounds good, but they need to focus on escaping the prison first. Suddenly, a security guard runs into the room and stands infront of the cell as he shot at a prisoner with his sidearm. Jamie takes the opportunity to reach his hands through the bars, grab the guard and snaps his neck. Jamie grabs the gun (whether he gives the gun to Fisher depends on if he killed Barnham or not) and the two exit the cell. Fisher grabs an adrenaline syringe while they are in the infirmary in case either one of them gets injured.

The two split up as Fisher makes his way to the guard's booth to open the security doors so the two can escape, however, upon unlocking the doors, Jamie runs ahead without Fisher. Fisher attempts to follow but is contacted by Jamie, and after some small investigating, discovers that he's been locked inside of the gas chamber. Fisher is able to find Jamie and open the gas chamber, finally allowing the two to further attempt their escape. Soon, the two escape through a hole in the wall inside the parking garage.

Trivia Edit

  • In this version, Sam wears the prison uniform that was shown during the cutscene. In Version 1, however, he wears something else (grey tank top with orange pants).
  • In this version, Cole Yeagher betrayed Jamie Washington and thus is responsible for his incarceration at Ellsworth prison.
  • A craft knife is found in the wood-works section of the prison. It can be used to break locks, but also sets off any live metal detectors you go through.
  • Candles in the prison chapel can be blown out by Sam. (Only in the PS2 version.)
  • There is this one section where a prison guard spots an escaped inmate, and tells him to stop what he's doing and hold up his hands. He'll slowly approach the inmate but will shoot him and continue his patrol, as the inmate will start to bang on a door he's beside.
    • On different occasions, prison guards will open fire and kill any inmates they find (this includes the player).
  • This level is known to have several bugs involving statistics - it is impossible to complete the mission without being spotted by the enemy several times or without having several bodies found. This happens regardless of whether or not the player is ever "officially" spotted or if the player ever incapacitated any guards.
  • If the player spares Barnham's life, Lambert will give Sam more gear to use in the next mission.


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