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Ellsworth Penitentiary is the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Undercover Third Echelon NSA agent Sam Fisher must work with Jamie Washington, a member of John Brown's Army, to escape the Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary in order to secure his position in the American terrorist organization.

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  • JBA: Help Jamie Washington escape - Your goal in being imprisoned is to befriend JBA member Jamie Washington and help him escape. By earning his trust and aiding him, you should be able to convince him to lead you to his organization.
  • JBA: Hijack news helicopter - The news helicopter circling the roof is your way out of Ellsworth Penitentiary. Make your way aboard, and hijack it.

Primary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Rescue Jamie from guards - Judging by his last walkie-talkie communication, Jamie has been apprehended by prison guards. Reach his position on the roof, and help him break free.

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Open cells to start riot - Washington's plan depends on you opening the cell doors in the tower block. You must do so, and let the escaping prisoners create cover for your other actions.
  • NSA: Don't kill the guards - Fisher has to avoid killing innocent guards. They are not terrorists and are just doing their job preventing him to escape.
  • NSA: Reach central tower without alert - To fulfill your role in Jamie's plan to instigate a prison riot, you need to reach the central tower block. Do so without triggering an alert, or you run the risk of being captured and returned to your cell. which puts the entire plan at risk (unlocks Ultrasonic Emitter).
  • NSA: Escape without alerts - The higher the level of alert, the more likely you are to be prevented from escaping prison. Therefore, extract yourself without raising an alarm and let the chaos of the riot cover your disappearance (unlocks Wall Mine - Stun).

Notes Edit

  • Cell doors can be unlocked from the main tower block.
  • Jamie, along with the other prisoners in the jail, will start a riot by starting fights.

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Mission Overview Edit

Sam Fisher is sent to Ellsworth Penitentiary by Third Echelon as part of his mission to infiltrate John Brown's Army (JBA), an American domestic terrorist organization. Third Echelon had sufficient evidence that the JBA was plotting a major move against the American government, and learned that one of their operatives, Jamie Washington, was incarcerated at the prison. Hoping to get close to him as a means to investigate the organization from within, Third Echelon elected Fisher to carry out the mission. Irving Lambert specifically selected Fisher to carry out the mission after the recent death of his only daughter Sarah, a tragedy that put him in a deep depression. Lambert hoped that the mission would help Fisher to refocus on his duties and get his life back on track.


Sam Fisher and Jamie Washington exchange some equipment before the start of the mission before the distraction.

In order to infiltrate the prison, Fisher set himself up as a criminal, and carried out numerous bank robberies in the Western United States. When he eventually surrendered to the authorities, Fisher was sent to Ellsworth Prison to serve out his sentence, where he was treated no better than any other criminal. Fisher is placed in the same cell as Jamie Washington and, after gaining his trust, Jamie offered him a position in the JBA. After accepting the offer, Fisher agreed to help Jamie escape from the prison. For the next six months, Fisher burrowed a tunnel through to a route that will lead to the security office overseeing the particular prison block Fisher and Jamie were located in. They were able to hide the hole from the guard by placing a poster over the escape route.

Jamie met with Sam at the cell and told him that he was going to start a riot, giving Fisher the cover of the commotion to start his escape. Fisher tore the poster hiding the escape hole and crawled through, reaching an inner area and climbing the pipe up to a higher level. As Fisher navigates through the walls, he hears Jamie accusing someone of cheating in a card game, and soon the whole prison block started a riot causing prisoners to fight among bother other inmates and correctional guards in the room. Fisher heads across the ventilation shafts that line the upper areas of the prison block. He makes it to a ventilation area right above the security room and opens the trap door, dropping himself inside. Fisher traveled through the compound and eventually entered the mess hall where prisoners had been able to get their hands on firearms and engaged in a firefight with the correctional officers in the room.


Sam Fisher and Jamie Washington attempt to figure out how to escape the maximum security prison.

Fisher was able to make his way past the firefight and soon infiltrated the watch tower. Fisher reached the upper levels of the watchtower and unfortunately found a correctional officer pointing a weapon at Jamie, telling him to freeze. Fisher dispatched the guard and was able to rescue Jamie. Jamie thanked Fisher, but asked him how they were going to escape; Fisher looks up and spots a news chopper hovering above the compound. Fisher climbed on the top of the small building and was able to jump on the landing gear of the helicopter and take control of the pilot, taking him hostage. Fisher then picked up Jamie and the two left the prison, heading to the JBA Headquarters.

Trivia Edit

  • The inmate and prison guard's physical 'fights' in the prison block are unique animations, however, the animations will repeat themselves, continuing in an endless loop.
  • The firefight in the cafeteria can be dangerous to Sam if he walks into the crossfire; generally only guards will shoot Sam, but sometimes inmate will "friendly fire".
  • There is one section where Fisher comes across a metal detector; if the metal detector is set off, it will alarm any nearby guards to Fisher's presence. The metal detector can be disabled before entering it.
  • Fisher can be hurt by fire despite there being no fire at certain area in the cafeteria (PS3 confirmed). 
  • The FN-303 Less-Than-Lethal (LTL) Riot shotgun can be found in the second level of guard tower. While it isn't part of the objective to obtain it, it can be very useful to have as it can knock out guards from close to mid-range. 
  • An inmate can be heard talking about Sam referring to him as "That bank robber guy". 
  • In Version 2 and Essentials version of this mission, Fisher has Jamie as a partner for a majority of the mission. In this version (Version 1), Jamie only appears at the start and very end of the mission.
  • This is the first mission in the Splinter Cell series (and the first mission in the entire series) where Sam begins the mission without his basic equipment, including his signature Multi-Vision Goggles. Interesting enough, however, Fisher does start the mission with his phone on the back of his tank top.

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