Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary
Ellsworth Prison
Official Name Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary
Other Names Ellsworth Penitentiary, Ellsworth Prison
Location Kansas, United States of America
Type Maximum-Security Prison
Occupants Prisoners
Corrections Officers
Appearances DA

Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary is an American maximum-security prison in the U.S. state of Kansas. It played a prominent role in the onset of the story of Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

Overview Edit

Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary is a civilian prison that serves the basic functions of any ordinary prison. The facility is shown to be quite large, hosting at least two major cell blocks for its prisoners, who normally are kept confined to their cells except when they are given permission to roam freely in secure sections of the blocks. The gates are automatically locked when deemed necessary by the prison staff. There are at least two rooms in the prison that are used as 'command centers' with computers storing security information and walkie-talkies. The guards keep watch over the prisoners from the main watch tower in the center of the prison, where the guards monitor internal and external activities and store a supply of riot guns armed with non-lethal rounds. The prison also hosts a chapel, a kitchen, a gas chamber, and a gym. The prisoners will face harsh discipline from the guards should they attempt to instigate a riot in the facility.

Incarceration of Sam Fisher Edit

In 2008, Sam Fisher is sent to Ellsworth Penitentiary by Third Echelon as part of his mission to infiltrate John Brown's Army, an American domestic terrorist organization. Third Echelon had sufficient evidence that the JBA was plotting a major move against the American government, and learned that one of their operatives, Jamie Washington, was incarcerated at the prison. Hoping to get close to him as a means to investigate the organization from within, Third Echelon elected Fisher to carry out the mission. Irving Lambert specifically selected Fisher to carry out the mission after the recent death of his only daughter Sarah, a tragedy that put him in a deep depression. Lambert hoped that the mission would help Fisher to refocus on his duties and get his life back on track.

In order to infiltrate the facility, Fisher set himself up as a criminal, and carried out numerous bank robberies in the Western United States. When he eventually surrendered to the authorities, Fisher was sent to Ellsworth Prison to serve out his sentence, where he was treated no better than any other criminal. Fisher is placed in the same cell as Jamie Washington and after gaining his trust, Jamie offered him a position in the JBA.

Versions Edit

Essentials Edit


United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth.

Sam Fisher went undercover as an inmate inside of the United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth in order to befriend Jamie Washington, a member of the domestic terrorist organization, "John Brown's Army". Jamie asks him to take out another prisoner, Mikey to prove his loyalty (Sam has the decision of either killing him or knocking him out). After proving himself, Sam assists Jamie in breaking out of prison, and becomes a double agent within the JBA.

Version 1 of Double Agent Edit


After accepting the offer, Fisher agreed to help Jamie escape from the prison. For the next six months, Fisher dug a tunnel so that he and Jamie could escape. On the day of their jailbreak, Jamie picked a fight with some of the prisoners, causing a prison riot to cover Sam's escape. The resulting riot soon saw guards and prisoners fighting all across the prison, leading to several deaths on both sides. The prisoners stole numerous firearms from the guards and as they fought, began vandalizing the facilities. While this unfolded, Fisher penetrated one of the control centers from the ventilation system, and stole weapons and walkie-talkies for use in his escape with Jamie. Sam eventually came across a metal detector leading to the mess hall, which he disabled before moving onwards.

Fisher soon reached the mess hall, where the guards were engaged in a shootout with several armed inmates. Fisher got past the brawl and soon infiltrated the watch tower, where he stole a shotgun armed with non-lethal rounds to use in his escape. Fisher finally met Jamie on the roof, where he was engaged with a prison guard. Fisher disarmed him just as a news helicopter arrived to film the riot. Fisher managed to hijack the helicopter before the guards intercepted him and Jamie, and the two prisoners fled, taking the pilot hostage in the process.

Version 2 of Double AgentEdit

Sam entered Ellsworth Penitentiary and became friends with Jamie Washington over a three week period. He discovered a way to escape his cell by using ventilization system in the cell. After grabbing a walkie-talkie from the nearby guard booth, he returns to his cell and is taken to see Lambert, who is visiting to tell Sam that it's time to break out. Fisher finds Jamie in a brawl with the prison bully, Barnham. Sam has the choice of killing Barnham to earn Jamie's trust or simply knocking Barnham out to maintain NSA trust. Afterwards, a riot breaks out giving Sam and Jamie the opportunity to escape. At one point, Jamie is trapped inside of a gas chamber and must be freed. Soon, the two escape through a hole in the wall inside the parking garage.

Missions Edit

Essentials Edit

  • United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S.A. November 16, 2008, 20:10

Version 1 of Double Agent Edit

  • Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary, Kansas, United States of America, 6 months later, 01 February 2008, 23:04 EST

Version 2 of Double Agent Edit

  • Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary, Kansas, United States of America, November 16, 2008
  • Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary, Kansas, United States of America, November 16, 2008 (co-op)

Trivia Edit

  • Version 1
    • The external architecture of "Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary" resembles certain elements of the real-life United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth although the in-game prison appears to be much larger with four spokes radiating from the central dome. Another building lies connected to one of the central spokes lieing between two of the other spokes (forming a triangular shaped configuration).
    • Emails found throughout the prison indicate numerous security issues in the prison. One email stated that some of the prisoners managed to smuggle firearms into their cells. Another took note of a violent incident between prisoners and guards.
    • Sam escapes his cell through a tunnel in the wall hidden by a poster. This is similar to an event in the Stephen King novella, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption in which a prisoner named Andy Dufresne escapes from his cell through a tunnel in the wall carved with a rock hammer and hidden by a poster of Rita Hayworth.
    • The only federal penitentiary in Kansas is located in Leavenworth. There are no federal prisons in Ellsworth, however there is a state prison, Ellsworth Correctional Facility. In fact, the patches on the sleeves of guards closely resemble the Kansas Department of Corrections emblem.
  • Version 2
    • Only in this version does Sam wear the prision uniform that is showen in the cutscene.
    • Cole Yeagher betrayed Jamie Washington and thus is responsible for his incarceration at Ellsworth prison.