Dvorak's Keeper
Dvoraks keeper
Nicknames Old man
Physical description
Hair Grey
Career information
Affiliations Displace International
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Dvorak's Keeper (referred to as 'old man') was a man who was hired by Abrahim Zherkezhi to help maintain an infinite-state machine named 'Dvorak', which was built by Zherkezhi. During the New York City Cyber Attacks in 2007, Dvorak's Keeper maintained Dvorak while Zherkezhi was away.

Biography Edit

2007: NYC Cyber Attacks/East Asian Crisis Edit

On June 30th, 2007, much of the United States Eastern seaboard and the entirety of Japan witnessed a simultaneous electrical blackout, an information warfare attack that Third Echelon recognized. Following suspicions of Zherkezhi from the MCAS Banco de Panama relations with Hugo Lacerda and the involvement with Bruce Morgenholt's death prompted Third Echelon to send in a Splinter Cell operative to investigate Zherkezhi's penthouse in New York. The penthouse was not affected by the blackout, with electricity still flowing through, powering the computers, lights and equipment inside. The Splinter Cell agent, Sam Fisher, infiltrated the rooms and soon discovered Dvorak's Keeper inside the deeper rooms. He revealed that he maintains Dvorak, describing that 'Dvorak' isn't a person - but an infinite state machine.

Profile Edit

Not much is known about Dvorak's Keeper; from the short interactions with him, he's shown to be very intelligent and could be described as being eccentric. He showed no hostility to Fisher, nor did he refuse to help Fisher in helping him run Dvorak and retrieving an output stack. He is seen watching a board of chess with chess pieces on it, likely playing against himself.

Trivia Edit

  • The old man can be killed by the player without any repercussion of failing the mission, however their Mission Rating score will be severely affected; Irving Lambert will also scold the player for doing so.
  • If the old man is knocked out, it is possible for another guard to find his body and revive him. Strangely enough, the guards will act as if he's just another guard and will refer to him to 'one of ours'. Once revived, the old man will just enter a standing state and will not move around.
  • If you shoot anywhere around the old man, he will refuse to help you on recovering the Dvorak.
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