"In the city... the old museum on King George Street... it's his place now... guards out front and on the sides... don't tell him I told you..."
― Dmitri Gramkos to Sam Fisher during interrogation.[src]
Dmitri Gramkos was a local gang leader that operated in Valletta, Malta where he was contracted by Andriy Kobin to kill former Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher, who was currently reported to be in the area. After his men were killed by Sam, he fled the immediate area and locked himself in a bathroom. Sam followed him to the bathroom where he interrogated him and killed him shortly after.


2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy Edit

Gramkos was the leader of an unidentified local gang in Valletta, Malta and commonly hired himself and his gang out to people who paid for their services. Gramkos had received orders from a local gun runner, Andriy Kobin, to find and kill Sam Fisher. He and his gang traveled to the Merchant's Street Market and occupied the stalls located there, his men firing weapons into the air and clearing out the civilians in order to draw attention or root out Fisher. As Fisher disposed of all of Gramkos' men, he fled to a secluded bathroom down a set of stairs and barricaded himself inside. As he fired a few rounds into the door, Fisher smashed through it and interrogated him. Sam learns that Kobin hired Gramkos to protect himself because of his connection to Sarah Fisher's death. Gramkos reveals that it was Kobin who killed Sam's daughter, and that he was worried that Sam was in Malta because he was coming after him. After Gramkos told Sam all he knew, Sam killed him by crushing his windpipe.

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Dmitri Gramkos is identifiable by his shaved head, facial hair, and a distinct dragon tattoo on his right arm. He wore a grey T-shirt, watch, and a pair of heavy boots. Not much is known about Gramkos, but it is shown that he is known around Malta and has verified connections with Andriy Kobin, being the one who was hired by him for protection. Gramkos carries around a Desert Eagle and is typically accompanied by his loyal gang members.

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  • In the credits his name is spelled "Dimitri", however the subtitles spell his name "Dmitri".
  • A man can appear if the player interrogates Gramkos near the door on the right side of the bathroom. Sam smashes the back of Gramko's head into the door, and knees him in the face. When this happens, the man will appear saying "I didn't see nothing, man... I swear it". If the player interrogates Dmitri again near one of the sinks in the bathroom, he can be seen running out of the bathroom saying "Damn".
  • In the second level of Conviction, Kobin's Mansion, some of Kobin's men will say, "This one is for Gramkos!" referencing him, and confirming that Sam killed Gramkos.
  • Gramkos was killed the same way the spotters from the Washington Monument level were killed by Fisher.
  • Gramkos is voiced by the same voice actor, Alain Goulem, who voices many of the guards in not only Splinter Cell: Conviction, but the rest of the Splinter Cell series in general.
  • His weapon of choice is a Desert Eagle.

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