The Disposable Pick icon.

A Disposable Pick is an automatic lockpicking deviced used for boring out locks, unlocking the door to the user. This gadget offers improved speed over traditional lockpicks, however it can only be used once.


Disposable Picks work by boring out the lock mechanism in a door to give access to the user, making it an automatic lockpicking device. It's fast and efficient, however, it is only usable once. It produces a relatively loud hissing sound and can be detected by nearby enemies.


  • Disposable picks are also quite rare and only a handful are available throughout the games.
  • In Chaos Theory, the disposable lock picks are replaced by Sam's SC Knife. The SC Knife is reusable, but creates even more noise than the disposable lock picks. In fact, the noise is about as loud as firing the SC-20K in a quiet environment.

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