The interior of Displace Offices, showing Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher sneaking through the hallways.

Displace Offices was the primary administrative center for Displace International, a leading private military corporation for the United States of America. Displace Offices occupied the top three floors of the Hantz Center Tower located in downtown Manhattan, New York City, New York. In 2007, Displace International became one of the suspected organizations by Third Echelon that caused the New York City Blackouts, prompting them to investigate the offices by sending in Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to uncover the truth.


The Displace Offices occupy the top three floors of the Hantz Center Tower in downtown Manhattan, New York City. It is a highly secure facility with all of the latest security features, and is heavily guarded by the various mercenaries in Displace's employment. The Displace Offices can maintain full operational capacity even under major terrorist incident. Besides offices, the facility also includes a firing range, various server farms and even an exercise and locker room for Displace employees. The main server room is restricted to only a handful of personnel, and is locked like a vault when not in use. Among the offices included are those of Displace CEO Douglas Shetland and VIP Protection Director Milan Nedich.


In 2007, during the unfolding crisis in East Asia, New York City, Japan, and the majority of the US Eastern Seaboard were subjected to massive blackouts caused by an unknown source. Third Echelon immediately suspected that the attack was instigated by the party that had successfully acquired the Masse Kernels to further promote the East Asia Crisis for their own gains. Having recovered evidence of Displace International's possible involvement, Third Echelon sent Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to the Displace Offices to search for answers. The mission was kept highly classified to ensure that Third Echelon remained in favor with the government and the Pentagon, who maintained numerous contracts with Displace. During Fisher's investigation, it was revealed that Displace International had been providing protection detail for Abrahim Zherkezhi and had even hired a VIP Protection Director named Milan Nedich to safeguard him. Third Echelon was able to pinpoint both of their locations to a small estate in Japan, giving them enough intel to point them in the next direction.

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  • Displace Offices used electrochromic windows in their entire three-floor set up during 2007, which could be manipulated by the player's Optically Channeled Potentiator to toggle them on or off.
    • A slideshow set up could be found in the conference room that showcases how the electrochromic windows work.

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